Thursday, August 2, 2018

Book Review for Begin With You by Claudia Burgoa

From the outside, Abby’s life looks like a fairytale. 

Loving family, wealthy lifestyle, education at a prestigious university. The truth? She’s barely managing to survive. Few know the nightmare she lived before she was adopted. And no one knows the secret agony that still haunts her nightmares.

With a degree from Berkeley, she could have gone anywhere, but she’s back in Colorado. Not for a fresh start—fresh starts are only an illusion—but for Wes Ahern. Her protector, who throws around words like “therapy” and “talk to me.” Her brother in every way but blood. The one man she wishes could be so much more.

Maybe, just this once, she can stop running from her demons. 

But does she dare let Wes see inside the darkest closets of her pain…or will love be the biggest mistake of her life? 

An inspirational and emotional contemporary romance Begin with You is a heartbreaking tale of fresh starts and old wounds. This jarring and dark novel will leave readers at the edge of their seats. This is part one of a duet, thus containing a cliffhanger that leads into the next installment. It contains references to childhood trauma, rape, kidnapping, and PTSD.

Begin With You by Claudia Burgoa is an emotional read that feels like it has your heart in a vice grip and gives it a few pumps every now and then to remind you to breathe. I've read a few books by Burgoa and she has a way with words that draws me into a story, I get emotionally involved with the characters.

In this story, our heroine Abby has a past that she wants to keep to herself. Her demons may just be too hard to run away from.  Her adoptive family has provided a life for a good future, but no matter how hard she tries her secrets still haunt her. Abby had me wishing I could protect her. She is one strong character as long as she was far away from her hometown.

Wes Ahrens life changed the day his adoptive family took in a foster child, she became someone he could look after. He had a past of his own but having Abby gave him some meaning. Their relationship became more than he could have ever expected. Wes's struggle of pleasing others and wanting someone he thought was beyond his reach is heartbreaking.

Begin With You is a story that had me on the edge wanting the next story in my hand as if I needed my next breath. This story is a slow tease romance with dark deep-seated issues that break your heart. I not only fell in love with the main characters, the secondary characters left a memorable impression. 
This is a 5 Star Emotional Rollercoaster of a read!

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