Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Book Review for The Professor by Luke Prescott

The Professor (Fox University - FU)

I’m Professor Drake Grayson. I’ve been teaching Psychology for the last few years at Fox University. It’s a great university, filled with a wide variety of students. Some eager to learn, some eager to get in my pants. 

I’ve never crossed that line. I’ve never taken advantage of the power I have. I’ve never wanted to bend a student over my desk like I have with Emma Bower. She makes me want to forget I’m her professor and teach her things that she’ll remember forever. But is the risk worth it?

I’m Emma Bower. I’m in my last year of Fox University as a Psychology major. I can’t wait to get out into the real world and pick people apart. It’s been an amazing four years filled with memories that I’ll never forget. 

Especially the penetrating stare of Professor Grayson. That man has been in every fantasy I’ve had since the day I walked in his class. I know he’s untouchable, forbidden, he’s my professor, my mentor. But what if his touches lasted longer and his eyes darkened with a wicked grin? What if the professor everyone wants, wanted me? Would the risk be worth it?

There’s only one way to find out.

Luke Prescott brings together two characters in The Professor that could set my kindle on fire with the chemistry alone. I was grabbed by the connection of Professor Drake Grayson and his student Emma Bower. 

I found myself saying, "Damn Professor Drake Grayson!" I could barely concentrate on the read every time he's mentioned. How could anyone sit in his Psychology class and not squirm? Crossing the student/ teacher line is going to be difficult, especially when he can't stop thinking wild thoughts about one of his students.

Emma Bower is enjoying her last year majoring in Psychology. She is ready to face the world and get into the minds of others. Will she be able to get through her last year and not risk her future without falling for her Professor? I really liked her sweet persona and flirty attitude.

This is a fast and sexy read that introduces lots of secondary characters that I hope to get to know more about. Drake Grayson alone deserves the five stars, but I can't help but feel that I wanted a little more of the storyline in the middle of my read, especially when it comes to the roommates. The end left me feeling complete. It really is an exciting read. I love an author who can leave me with a memorable dominate alpha male. Prescott not only delivers one, he gifts the reader with a couple of standout male characters in The Professor.
4.5 Stars! 

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