Monday, July 30, 2018

Book Review for Her Invisible Soldier by Grace Risata

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After the death of his best friend in an ambush, Dixon Wade returns from the military a broken man. Bitter, angry at the world, and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he feels invisible and forgotten by everyone around him. Everything changes when he meets her

Fiercely stubborn and independent, Alyce is accustomed to doing what she wants, when she wants. Forced to volunteer at a charity in order to keep her job, she burns through every opportunity in town until stumbling upon a place that serves veterans. 

Once these two volatile personalities collide, a battle of wills ensues. Never one to back down when faced with a challenge, Alyce comes up with some very interesting ideas to get her soldier back on the road to recovery. 

Just as things begin to heat up for this unlikely pair, mistakes are made that could derail their entire relationship. Will Alyce be able to put the past aside and find a future with her invisible soldier? 

Author’s Note: This full length, stand alone novel contains passionate encounters between a man and woman with sizzling chemistry, no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. 

Grace Risata, is not a new author to me. With every new story that she writes, she blows my mind. Her Invisible Soldier had my emotions all up in a tizzy. The characters are so intense that I questioned my breaths and heartbeats. I practically felt as if I was breathing or hyperventilating for these characters. 

Alyce with a "y"  instead of an "i" is not your typical romance heroine, her straightforward independent attitude can put off most people. It's her persistence and witty banter that catches the attention of someone who's been avoiding attention by keeping to himself.  Alyce has gone through volunteer work likes she's going through a rolodex file. The Veterans Center is her last option, it should be easy to help file paperwork and talk to soldiers. Not when Alyce is involved, she will spot a challenge a mile away. In this case, he is a tall drink of gorgeousness battling PTSD. He's broken, but so is she.

Dixon Wade, I have to breathe just a little when I think of him. He had me wanting to scream with how much of an in your face character he is. His filthy demeanor comes off so strong that his words sent a chill right down my spine. It's his pain, heartbreak, and demons that had me wanting to wrap my arms around him. Dixon won his way into my heart and had me in tears. He is such a strong character with so much weight on his shoulders. Hopefully letting go of some of his fears and secrets will lighten him up a little now that he's found some life into him brought on by a stubborn woman that is willing to stand by him.

I loved everything about Her Invisible Soldier. Risata handles post-traumatic stress disorder and prejudices in the storyline with sensitivity and realism. The secondary characters leave a lasting impression and also play a big part in the true meaning of friendship and letting go of toxic people in your life.
5 Hands Down Stars Read!

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