Monday, June 11, 2018

Book Review for Stuck by Logan Chance

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“I’m not starstruck. I’m just star...Stuck.”


It's not everyday you have the number one box office star in your car. Actually, not any day for someone like me, Nova Sparks, a plain Jane hair stylist. 

And the real kick in the rear end? Not only will he be in my car, in a few weeks, he’ll be in my life— as my stepbrother. 

Fate has brought Ethan Hale into my small Montana world and kept him unattainable. How’s that for cruel?

Now I’m stuck being near him. Stuck with the tabloids and paparazzi. Stuck with these feelings I shouldn’t be having. 

The only way to get unstuck is accept I can’t have him and send him back to Hollywood. 

The only problem? He may have other plans.

By the time I finished Stuck by Logan Chance, I felt as if my head was up in the clouds with this wonderfully written romantic comedy. There are so many things I love about it, like the witty banter, the flirty teasing, and the heartache and desire of forbidden love. What I love most is the feeling of leaving me with a goofy ass grin and a fulfilled heart.

Nova Sparks, the girl next door persona grabbed me from the start, she is quick, flirty, fun, sexy and hilarious. Nova is that person that others want to protect and doesn't realize how beautiful and resistible she is. That's until her soon to be step- brother comes into her life and causes her to feel and fight feelings that she has never experienced before.

Ethan Hale is a famous actor visiting a small town for his father's wedding. He has trust issues since he has been burned by people selling stories and pictures to the paparazzi.  Ethan's life is complicated by those around him, it's when he meets Nova that he allows his guard down. He comes off cocky and snooty but that is such a cute combination when he is directing that towards the sexy hairdresser and soon to be sister in law. Will Ethan be able to resist temptation long enough to get through the wedding and return back to his super star lifestyle?

 I love everything about this forbidden romance, the characters find themselves stuck between resisting a magnetic connection or destroying the life and future they have set out for themselves. Logan Chance had me laughing out loud, swooning 
and falling so in love with a story that by the end, I felt as if my heart was being hugged.  
5 Star Must Read!!!

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