Friday, June 1, 2018

Book Review for Donut Leave Me by Teresa Crumpton

Forest Jenson lives the wild life, and the only thing he takes seriously is his career as a pastry chef. At thirty-five, he still spends all of his free time hooking up, hitting the town, and refusing to settle down. Growing up and having a family are the furthest things from his mind until an old one-night-stand crashes the party to inform him he has a daughter. A seven-year-old daughter.

Ella Hartley has never met her father. In fact, for as long as she can remember, her mother has insisted on having Ella all to herself. If not for stories, and her Aunt Piper, Ella might not know a single thing about the man. But that's all about to change, and as Ella faces saying goodbye to one parent, she'll find herself suddenly saying hello to the other. 

A reluctant new father braves the difficult tasks of caring for his daughter, making her happy, and keeping the memory of her mother alive all while getting to know her. Determined to succeed, Forest will try anything to create a special bond with Ella that preserves her happy memories and helps her make new ones -- even a weekly trip to the local donut shop

Donut Leave Me by Teresa Crumpton is one of the 13 novellas that take part of the Donut Collaboration celebrating National Donut Day.

Donut Leave Me is a sweet, heartbreaking and fast read that introduces Forest Jenson who has been living the single life with little responsibilities. He finds that a one night stand leads to a seven year old daughter and now he has to man up and raise her while he has to get her through the heartbreak of losing her mother.

Ella Hartley is meeting her father for the first time in her life while her mother has to introduce her to the man  she has never known and say goodbye at the same time. This little seven year old will break your heart, but she also brings together and new bond of friendships and family. She may also be responsible for introducing her father to a woman who can help both of them get through this hard time.

I love the characters and the story line, I think it may have been to short for me to really connect with the story the way I'm use to. It is a sweet read that deals with more of the bonding between a father and daughter. 
3.5 Stars

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