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Spotlight and Book Reviews for In Ruins and In Pieces (Something More Novel) by Danielle Pearl

She wanted to start again. To be someone---anyone---different . . .

Freedom. When Carleigh Stanger thought of college, that was the word that came to mind. Freedom from her unhappy home life. Freedom from high school mistakes. Freedom from the memory of that terrible morning. Only instead of bringing a sweet escape, Carleigh's first campus party traps her in the scornful gaze of the last person she wants to see, Tucker Green.

It wasn't long ago that being close to Carleigh was everything Tucker wanted. But that was before he realized she was just another scheming girl who'd do whatever it took to get her way. Even lie to the guy she claimed to love. Unfortunately while Tucker's brain remembers the pain Carleigh caused, his body only remembers the pleasure . . .

In Ruins by Danielle Pearl is my first book by this author, by the end of the story I had to read her recent release. I am now a fan of her writing style, I love how she can easily draw me in as reader. This is one emotional second chance at love read, it is filled with drama, lies, betrayal, heartbreak, love and jealousy. I am so in love with these characters, the author had me trying to remember if high school guys were ever this sexy. 

Carleigh/Carl Stanger was raised believing she had it all, a loving and hard working father. That is until the day her life was turned upside down and everything she believed in is now everything she wants kept as a secret. The only thing that seems to give her strength is her brother, her friends, and at times her absentee mother. Falling in love with her best friend is the easiest and best thing she has ever done. When she realizes that their lives connect in more ways than love, she makes a decision to keep that secret to herself. Will she be able to handle losing love when her secrets are discovered.

Tucker Green has fallen for his bestfriend, it's about time that Carl looks beyond the hot body, amazing smile and gorgeous eyes to realize that they were meant to be together. When Tucker finds out that his girlfriend has kept a secret and lied to him, he becomes angry, vengeful and hurt. He not only moves on to college, he moves on with his life without her. That's until the one girl he has been trying to avoid is now in some of his classes and practically everywhere he turns. Will Tucker be able to handle Carl or will his desire for her be to much for him to try and resist? 

Tucker and Carl could try and avoid how they feel about each other all they want, but it's as if their bodies craving for one another is stronger than their pride. I found myself lost in the heartfelt moments of wanting love to win out. I could feel the torture these characters are willing to put each other through right off the pages. This is a story of a love gone wrong because of keeping secrets, overacting and not finding out the whole story. The intense moments, twist and turns kept me swiping pages and on the edge of my seat. 
In Ruins is a 5 Star Must Read Contemporary Romance!


In Pieces (Something More)

In Pieces Cover.JPG

Three years ago she was left in pieces . . . Most college freshmen love the newfound freedom of living on campus, but none of them craves it like Beth Caplan. One ill-fated night when she was fifteen left her locked in a posh prison of private tutors. It's for the best, everyone said, and maybe it was. But after years of hard work and healing, the one person who never thought of her as broken could be the one to break her all over again. And Beth can't seem to stay away now any more than she could all those years ago.

As soon as David March learned his best friend's little sister was enrolling at his school, he promised to look after her, and promised himself he'd keep a safe distance. But the sweet little girl he'd grown up with has transformed into a gorgeous young woman, and she's attracting attention from people she shouldn't-like the ex who nearly destroyed her and a strange new student with a disturbing habit of showing up wherever Beth goes. But for David, the most troubling discovery is realizing that he doesn't just want Beth to be safe. He wants her to be his.

If I thought In Ruins was a Danielle Pearl favorite of mine, I was mistaken. In Pieces had me reading like a crazy woman. I found myself in tears, gasping and taking my blood pressure a few times. This story is a friends to lovers romance that left me breathless. It is packed with a sense of mystery, suspense, passion, lies, love, jealousy and strong subject matters.

Beth's past has defined her as a delicate flower, she is now in college trying to prove everyone wrong and to wipe away the pain from years ago. Beth knew that having her brother's best friend attending the same college would be a distraction, but she never thought his jealousy, protectiveness and his gorgeousness would be more than she could have imagined. I seriously don't know how she could have kept her head on straight having David around. A series of events has Beth needing to be under the same roof and watchful eye of this alpha God. Will Beth be able to prove that she is more than just her brother's baby sister?

When David looks at Beth all he can remember is the little girl he grew up with. The memories come flooding back especially the one were his best friend warns him to stay away from his sister. Beth is now David's worst temptation, the guilt of wanting and having her will mentally destroy him. Well if he can't have her, he will make it his mission that no one else will. David will weaken your knees with his passion, dominance, protectiveness and his love. Will he be able to take the chance at love and risk losing his best friend?

In Pieces is an amazing read, that kept me on edge of wanting these characters to find love and happiness. The mystery and suspense had my adrenaline on over drive, all I knew was that Beth wasn't safe and I wanted to know why. I have to say that Danielle Pearl is an wonderful author that has written a series that touched all of my emotions. By the end of the story, I found myself wanting to look into the other books in the Something More Novels.  I loved everything about this story of realizing that you are more than the picture you have painted of yourself in your head. Love is worth taking chances, losing your mind and believing you're deserving of it. I will end this with David and Beth's sexual tension and the passionate moments can possibly set your kindles on fire.
This is a 5 Star Must Read!

David Present Day
Beth slams the door of the Uber and runs barefoot into the building, her heels dangling from her hand by their straps. I give her a thirty-second head start, clenching my jaw shut to resist calling after her with something I might regret, knowing my temper and the still-potent buzz of alcohol have the potential to create the perfect storm right now. Beth bypasses the small elevator bank and veers left toward the stairwell, heaving the door open and making sure to slam it loudly behind her. I shake my head in disapproval, wanting to berate her for even that—taking the stairs alone at night when she knows the elevators are safer. Even if the small part of my brain that’s still somewhat rational admits that my building is relatively safe in general. But it’s her mentality that’s making me crazy. With everything going on right now, and everything she knows about this fucked- up world, why would she take risks with her safety at all? I shove my hand through my hair and slam my foot into the doorjamb. I just can’t fucking believe her right now! And she has the balls to stomp away from me as if I’m the fucking bad guy? I haven’t had much occasion for indignation in my life, but right now it’s making me grind my teeth into fucking dust. Because the reality is Beth could get hurt again. She could get hurt worse. My brain gets caught on that last thought, and I can’t get past it no matter how hard I try. It rages through me until my blood boils over, the buzz of alcohol feeding the flames like gasoline as they fire me back into motion. I crush what’s left of my cigarette under my shoe, and march up the rest of the steps and down our hallway. I’m already reaching for the door with my keys when I realize it’s fucking ajar, and the sight of it incenses me even more. Could she possibly be any more cavalier with her goddamned safety? It’s after one in the motherfucking morning! Who the hell leaves their front door open in the middle of the night like an invitation for trouble? Especially someone who, on top of everything else, just spent the entire fucking night drinking. She once told me she thought I was trouble. She has no fucking idea what trouble even is. I barge through the door, all out of patience and ready to tell her off, but the apartment is dark, the only light glowing from the crack beneath the bedroom door. Beth’s presence would be impossible to miss, though, what with the sound of her tramping around the room, violently yanking and slamming drawers like she wants the whole damned building to feel her wrath. Well, at least that’s one feeling that is definitely fucking mutual. I throw the bedroom door open with more force than I intend, and Beth jumps at the reverberating bang as it smacks against the opposite wall. But she catches herself without even glancing my way, continuing about her business like I don’t even fucking exist. My outrage dissipates as I take her in. Her long blonde hair is haphazardly piled on top of her head, and she’s already changed into a T-shirt and yoga pants. My eyes get stuck on her ass for several seconds before I even process the fact that she’s shoving her shit into her duffle bag. She yanks open another drawer—the one I’d cleared for her bras and underwear—and panic rolls through me. It doesn’t mix well with the indignation. Or the booze. Somehow I manage to force enough patience to keep from unloading my every grievance on her at once, and I just stand here glowering, biting back every word I couldn’t wait to get out just moments ago—those words now lodged uncomfortably in my throat, held hostage by that fucking duffel. And suddenly I resent that, too. The fact that Beth has the nerve to vilify me for looking out for her. For taking her out to do something she fucking loves. But more than anything, I resent that I fucking care. That the sight of her packing her things affects me. Not just my feelings—my motherfucking feelings—but my actions, too. It gives her a kind of control—power. It’s not a dynamic I’m used to with women, and it’s left me a little lost and a lot confused. And even more pissed the fuck off. It’s enough to demolish even my pretense of patience, my composure shattering in one fell swoop, and I spring into action, thrusting myself in front of her in challenge. “’The fuck are you doing?” I demand. Beth’s jaw locks, but she just sidesteps around me. “Beth,” I warn. She snatches handfuls of panties from her drawer—my drawer—with enough hostility that I worry for the integrity of the delicate lace, and my inebriated mind actually pities them until I remember it’s me she’s fucking pissed at. The appearance of her underwear doesn’t help my focus, either. But watching her shove them purposefully into her bag snaps me back to reality. Or it snaps me the fuck out of my Beth-panty-coma, at least. “What the fucking hell are you doing?” I repeat as calmly as I can manage—which, it turns out, isn’t calm at all. But where the hell does she think she’s going in the middle of the goddamned night? “Taking my stuff and going back to my dorm,” Beth deadpans, and it takes me a second to realize she’s not actually kidding. I shake my head and grab her upper arms. “The fuck you are!” Beth wrenches from my grip, and I have to release her or risk hurting her, which is not a fucking option. “The fuck I am, is right!” she shouts, skirting back around me to stuff more clothes into her bag. And, finally, I lose it. I grab the offending fucking duffle and flop it upside-down, shaking it violently until all of her shit falls onto my bed in an unceremonious pile of all things Beth. “What the hell are you doing!” she hisses, climbing onto the bed to regather her clothes. I don’t even think. I take hold of her calves and jerk her knees straight, and she squeals with surprise, falling facedown onto the bed, right atop the heap of clothing. But I don’t back off. I grab her hips and flip her onto her back in one not-so-smooth movement, bending over her and planting my palms on either side of her face in a makeshift cage. Beth’s lips part in a small o of shock, but she can’t escape my gaze, trapped beneath me like she is. But that goes both ways, and I force myself to close my eyes, and inhale a choppy rush of air before meeting hers. Something changes when I reopen my eyes. Beth’s temper seems to have dissipated, her dark blonde brows pulled together in helpless bemusement. Her eyes are deep blue oceans, and they draw me in like an undertow, luring me into their shallows before drowning me in their depths. But, somehow, they calm me, and the anger is drained right out of me as something tugs inside my chest. For a moment I forget how we even got here. All I register are her sharp, shallow breaths as they whisper against my lips in soft gusts. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know this is dangerous—her lying beneath me like this. It calls to that reckless part of me. The same part that risked dancing with her tonight…that wants to just say fuck it, again and again and again. The part that can’t remember the reasons to stay away. Beth’s tongue darts out to lick her bottom lip, and my dick jumps in my jeans, still swollen and aching, which it has been all night on some level or another. I suck in an uneven breath, the air hissing between my teeth, and I know I need to either get off of her or inside her in the next sixty seconds


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Danielle Pearl is the Amazon and iBooks international best selling author of the Something More series. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children. She is a life long book enthusiast who has been writing ever since she could hold a pencil. Danielle went to Boston University and worked in marketing before she published her first novel, Normal in 2014. She writes mature Mature Young Adult and New Adult Contemporary Romance.

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Twitter: @DaniPearlAuthor

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