Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Review for Love's Addiction by Ozlo and Priya Grey

 Love's Addiction 
by Ozlo and Priya Grey

There’s only one thing more powerful than an addiction…


How do you go on living when everything’s been taken away from you?
You move… Far away… And bury the past…
But there’s something I can’t hide. When I land a new teaching job and stumble into class, I pray my students won’t notice that I can barely hold myself together. But I can’t fool Colter. He sees right through me. He knows the truth that I’m fighting to keep a secret. 
I dismiss his attempts to help me. After all, I’m the teacher and he is my student. But Colter is hard to ignore, with a strong, athletic frame matched by a fierce intellect. I never suspected meeting outside of office hours would lead us down a path we can’t turn back from…
Football is my ticket to a better life. They predict I may go top ten in this year’s draft. Playing professionally will give me the chance to repay my father for all the sacrifices he’s made. Schoolwork has never been a distraction for me, until the day I walked into Professor March’s class. The look in her eyes. The trembling of her hands. These are familiar signs of loved ones I have lost…ones I couldn’t save. 
When I offer to help Professor March, I never intend to put my football career in jeopardy. Now my passion for winning on the field is equally matched by my desire for her.
Love’s Addiction is a unique student-teacher romance told from alternating points of view. It’s filled with captivating drama, courageous love, and soulful healing. Best-selling authors Ozlo and Priya Grey share a profound love story that will break your heart. Then they slowly put all the pieces back together again with an unforgettable happily ever after.

This husband and wife writing duo Ozlo and Priya Grey really know how to pull at your heartstrings, they had me with Love's Composure and still to this day is one that I wish everyone would read. They did not disappoint me with Love's Addiction in fact they freaking amazed me with this story of losing oneself to addiction. They perfectly wrote the struggles and consequences that occur when someone drowns themselves in a bottle or lets their mind be altered by drugs. I honestly felt myself getting lost in this story and with the characters.

In this story we are introduced to author/teacher Vanessa March, whose life is turned upside down in a instant. One moment she is on tract to make dreams come true with the love of her life and then the next minute she loses herself and falls back into believing that her only option is to clear her mind, forget the past and heal her pain by drinking it all away. Vanessa will break your heart, make you cringe with her judgments, she had me shedding tears right by her side and you will want that HEA for her.

Colter James is swoon worthy, he is a senior in college and their star football player. His dreams to play in the NFL is just one touchdown away and he can't have anything sidetrack him especially his professor. Vanessa March is the reason Colter finds himself in her classroom, her book is special to him but getting to know the real person was not what he expected. Colter is all to familiar with the signs of addiction and he can see that his professors life is on a downward spiral. 

This is a teacher/student romance and is told in both point of views. Colter and Vanessa's connection is felt from the start and their stories pulled at my heartstrings, had me gasping for a breath and my heart was filled with happiness. Love's Addiction is addictive, powerful, emotionally draining, sexy and will have you falling in love. 
5 very well deserved Stars! 

I loved, loved every angsty addicting page. Love's Addiction is a beautiful story of heartache, struggle and acceptance. It's a heady mix of emotions and inspiration.” ~Reading Keeps Me Sane Book Blog (Peggy Lee)
“Ozlo and Priya Grey write stories that resonate so deeply with you that you're no longer reading but experiencing every single emotion with the character.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer (Jasmine)
Ozlo and Priya Grey are a husband and wife writing team. Their time is consumed with writing, re-writing, editing, and tinkering with Photoshop and WordPress.

When they step away from their desks, they enjoy long walks on the beaches of Southern California.

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