Sunday, May 7, 2017

Book Club Meeting for The Lighthouse by M.T. Mathieson on 5/06

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Ann Barford, forty-two years old, divorced mother of two, estranged from her eldest daughter, returns to Hennerton Lighthouse to confront the ghosts of her past.

The secret she has carried with her for the past thirty-two years, one that has shaped her life and tainted others, must be exposed and laid to rest. Most of all, justice must be served and Ann knows just how to make that happen.

My Review:

It was great to start up our Wacky Women, Wine and Book Club, the get together has been missed. We had three different assortments of wine and of course I preferred the sweeter taste of a Moscato but drank the blush red, who in there right mind would let a glass of wine go to waste. 

Our book for the month is a very short read and I for one was thankful, I was able to read it in a little over an hour. We did have mixed feelings about this book because it touches a very sensitive subject and pulls at the heart strings for most but did bring out the anger for me. It is one that you will have to read to feel all those emotions, it is a emotional page turner that goes from present to past tense, but did not throw me off.

In The Lighthouse by M.T. Mathieson, we have Ann Bartford who at forty-two years old allowed the secret of her past that she has carried for thirty two years dictate her life. This read is so short that it's even hard to write a review because I don't want to spoil anything. I do have to say that the path that Ann did and does take has a lot of loss in it and in some opinions was it worth it in the long run? What would you do holding on to a secret for so long? Who was she trying to protect? Did the end justify the means? Those are the questions that stayed in my head after I read this story.

We had a really great time last night and hope to bring more exciting books, wines and laughs to this group.

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