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Book Review for Up In Smoke by Natalie E. Wrye

Up in Smoke (A Kisses and Crimes novel TWO)

by Natalie E Wyre

Rules were made to be broken. 
Until I broke the wrong ones...


Jackson Reed knew the only thing harder than his head was the insatiable one between his legs.

Sandwiched somewhere between following the law and his own instincts, he made up his own rules in the game of “private investigations”: his sacred version of the Holy Trinity.



And more sex.

He towed the delicate line between the “three” until Penelope Castalano—a former flame he equated to the plague—re-enters his life…and obliterates it.

Fresh from Paris, his best friend’s attorney breaks the only deal they’ve ever made, sauntering back onto the Manhattan scene at a costume party with more to hide than just her face.

And now one fugitive best friend and two broken promises will ignite a new Holy Trinity in Jackson’s hazardous life.

Caught in the midst of a government coverup that compromises everything he’s ever cared for, Jackson will discover that certain scandals never die.

Only their victims do.

And he’d better make damn sure that he and Penelope aren’t next…

      When I think of Natalie E. Wrye, I find myself going to quote a movie. Natalie, "you had me at Games & Diversions series". I knew from then that if I needed my suited up, alpha and hot as hell male fix...Natalie E. Wrye is my go to author. She did not disappoint with Up in Smoke which is the second book in A Kisses and Crimes novel. They can be read as a standalone, but why do that to yourself. You will miss out on the gorgeousness that started it all Bishop, his and Dani's story must be read.

     In Up in Smoke we have Jackson Reed who we meet in Fool's Gold, he is Bishop's best friend and will do anything to make sure his friends are safe. Jackson is that alpha male with a mouth that can go on for days. His mind is set on three things...Women (Sex), Career and Sex, he makes that perfectly clear when he made a promise to his best friends attorney and someone that has been around his life off and on for years. Fifteen years ago he feel in love as a teen with a red headed beauty, he has broken her heart many times over. Yet, he can't get her off his mind. Now, a case has brought them together. Will they be able to survive each other and the people that are out to get them?

     Penelope Castalano has compared every man she has ever dated to one man she can't forget. Now, she finds herself needing his help in a government cover up case...if only he would put the promise to stay away aside. Penelope is one of the strongest characters out there, her hardheadedness will have her standing up against the scariest of men. When it comes to Jackson, she is weak and he would have her any way she would allow. Why can't her mind keep up and let her follow her heart? One thing about Penelope she will go down fighting for those she loves and considers her friends. 

     I loved everything about Up in Smoke, it's a roller-coaster of read with it's suspense, mystery, sexual tension, lies and the push and pull of love. Natalie E. Wrye blew my mind with an ending I didn't see coming. Ladies, Jackson will have you swooning and feeling a little uncomfortable in your seat. I am so looking for the next book in the series, I hope she keeps them coming because I am one happy reader. 5 Must Read Stars!


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About The Author:
Natalie E. WryeNatalie Wrye is a tequila connoisseur, Game of Thrones addict and author best known for writing page-turning romantic mysteries and thrillers.
A fan of the beautifully polarizing anti-hero, she crafts sexy stories about hard-bodied, complex men and the strong-willed women who crave them.

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