Sunday, March 5, 2017

Book Review for Screwed by Luke Prescott

by Luke Prescott


Everyone’s been screwed before. Whether you were screwed over or screwed in bed. Sometimes it feels amazing and sometimes it makes you want to die.
Shawn Tate is a powerful man. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s not afraid to take it. He’s cocky, arrogant and cold. Relationships of any kind aren’t for him. He doesn’t want your friendship or your love, he only wants your fantasy.
Jana Ray is a beautiful woman. She’s outgoing, fun and has a huge heart. She has friends, family and a job she loves. But her life is boring and routine. A little excitement is exactly what she’s looking for.
While watching her parent’s house while they are gone, Jana is thrilled to have the time to herself. That is until Shawn, her step-brother, shows up flipping her world upside down.
He moved back to town for business and having some fun. Meeting his step-sister wasn’t what he expected, but the temptation is too much to resist.
Fantasies will be played, hearts will get involved, lines will be crossed and lives will be destroyed. Being screwed can be fun, dirty, and downright amazing. But sometimes it can also be messy, painful, and heartbreaking.
For Shawn and Jana, they'll figure out just how screwed they really are.


WOW!!! Okay, I seriously am floored with Screwed a debut novel by Luke Prescott, I have to admit that I am second guessing my rating of 4.5 Stars for this very short story as I am typing. I don't even remember putting this story down for one moment, so I am thinking maybe I am taking away a point out of anger because I wanted more. The story went by fast, the characters are perfectly written and this has to be one of the hottest novellas I have read so far, I am talking heat on practically every page!

Shawn Tate is a character that grows on you, literally! He is a straight forward wealthy man who gets what he wants and he doesn't care how and who he has to hurt to get it. He returns home to handle some business and he is met by his step-sister Jana, Shawn never expected that meeting her would change his life. He is a man that loves to play out his fantasies, but will he be able to walk away without breaking any hearts?

Jana Ray feels that house sitting for her mother and step-father is going to be a vacation that is until her step brother Shawn messes with her plans by showing up. They have never met each other so it's an instant connection from the start. Jana is a smart woman who makes good choices, but Shawn just might be too much of a temptation to even think straight.

    I don't want to spoil anything, all I have to say is if you are looking for a alpha male with a strong sexual appetite, cocky and will send shivers down your spine and you may even find yourself sweating then you totally want to get Screwed by Shawn Tate, what a memorable character.  4.5 Stars that will set your tablet on fire!


About the author

Luke Prescott grew up in New York, where he still lives today. He likes to fish, work on his Jeep and cheer on the best damn team in the NFL, the Giants. He spends his days getting his hands dirty and his nights using his dirty mind.
Writing is a new-found interest for him. Realizing how sexy the written word can be. His debut panty soaking novel is coming soon.

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