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Release and Review Blitz for SINical Heart By Teri Kay


SINical Heart
Teri Kay
Release Date: February 12th
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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When it's young love, you think some things are meant to last forever, but circumstances can change the course of one's life in an instant....
I got my girlfriend pregnant when I was sixteen. How is a sixteen year old mature enough to be a father? There's too much I wanted in my life, but a baby, something that's a part of me and Kennedy, seemed like the perfect family....
My boyfriend got me pregnant when I was seventeen. I was scared, there was no way I could give this child the life he or she deserved and I wasn't ready to be a mother....
Giving your child up is one of the hardest things I'd ever done and now here it is twenty years later and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about that child....
And now...he's looking for us.
I think about Justin too and the rockstar life he now leads. What I thought was something that would last forever is now just a memory, but now I'm seeking Justin out, for circumstances beyond my control, all because of the child he didn't want to give up.
I knew this day would come eventually, but with my marriage falling apart and Justin's career skyrocketing to the top, what will fate have in store for all of us?

                                         My Review:
     I really don't read a lot of rockstar romances, but I have been lucky and a happy reader when they do come my way.  Teri Kay did not disappoint me with SINical Heart. It has the family drama, second chance love story and the sexual intensity someone would expect from a musician that is surrounded by groupies. 

     Kennedy is a mother of two daughters and she finds that her marriage is falling apart. At the age of Seventeen Kennedy made the hardest decision of her life and gave her baby up for adoption and in making that decision she also let go of her boyfriend. Both young and filled with dreams she believed that this would give their baby the life it deserved, she would be able to continue her education and her boyfriend Justin could be the rockstar he has always dreamed of. Now 21 years later, their child comes looking for them. Kennedy knows she has to make contact with Justin and open memories of their past. With Kennedy's life falling apart around her, will she be able to keep her emotions together while she is around her one true love?

     Justin Heart is a famous guitarist, his band SINical can fill venues. His dream of becoming a rockstar is fulfilled. So why does his life sometimes feel incomplete? Justin loves his life, he has lots of money, lives in luxury off or on the road, and he can have any groupie he wants. His past and the secret he kept as a sixteen year old boy has come looking for him and now wants to meet him, but will having the girl that broke his heart back in his life be to hard to handle or will she remind him that he never stopped loving her? Justin is more than I imagined, his sexual appetite is intense but it is his heart that will have you swooning.

     SINical Heart is one great second chance at love story with characters that will touch your heart. The drama is perfect, the connection between Justin and Kennedy is passionate and I found that the storyline kept me interested... I wanted to read it in one sitting.  5 Star read!

This is how I pictured Justin Heart and Kennedy in soon to be released Sinical Heart by Teri Kay. Kennedy is a mom of two daughters and her marriage is falling apart. Twenty-one years later the baby she gave up for adoption is looking for his biological parents. Kennedy now has to contact the person who walked out on her when she believed she was making the best decision as a seventeen year old girl who had fallen in love with a sixteen year old boy who had dreams of becoming a rockstar. This is a second chance at love with drama, passion and lots of love.


                           Broken hearted woman is crying,silhouette,Valentines day concept.


                              ABOUT THE AUTHOR

I am an obsessive romance reader turned writer. An amazing group of indie writers have inspired and encouraged me to pursue this crazy dream and now I can’t imagine stopping. Born and raised, I have always lived in Southern California. I am happily married, with two small fur babies. I love my job as a teacher and wouldn’t want to do anything else. Except maybe be a full time writer. Between reading, writing, and teaching, I have little free time. But in those rare moments I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, binge watching reality television and baking.

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