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Release Blitz + Book Review for Something There In Between by S. Ferguson


Something There In Between by S. Ferguson Publication Date: December 19th, 2016 Genre: Contemporary Romance



After a life full of cruelty, Bree is left with no one to turn to—except him.
Declan, who's suffered his own fair share of tragedy, sees the girl on the park bench with the sad eyes and Converse shoes as a kindred spirit —and a chance to redeem himself. He couldn't save his mother. Maybe he can save her.
But is Bree too broken to let him in?
Declan may be her only hope for solace, if he's strong enough to break down her walls. Will she risk letting him in ... or let her pain consume her?
This book is intended for readers 18 and older. It contains violence and references of rape and child abuse

My Review:

     I'm still in awe that Something There in Between is S. Ferguson's debut novel, this story grabbed me from the beginning and it practically made it impossible to want to walk away from. This is not an easy read, the references of rape and child abuse, insecurities and self blame are written to the point where I felt the emotions, my heart ached, my protective shield wanted to jump into the story slap characters around.

     In this story we have Bree, raised by a mother that only saw her as a burden and took her anger out on Bree leaving the scars of verbal and physical abuse . Her only chance is to runaway at 16 years of age with the first boy she falls in love with, they live life on the streets and then find themselves working for a man who is well known in the community and who is feared by others. He provides them with a place to stay and a job, leaving the reader to wonder what are his intentions? Bree's boyfriend not only breaks her heart, he leaves her with such a feeling of insecurities and self doubt she believes the only connection she deserves is through sex  and with who ever is willing. Will Bree ever be able accept help from others and feel deserving of love?

     Declan, just writing his name makes me smile. He has a past that he has worked through and he sees the same familiar sadness and pain in Bree and wants to be the one to help and protect her. Declan and his brother work for Ron the owner of the bar, Declan's brother is one of the muscles in the group of men Ron keeps near by. Declan works behind the bar with Bree and soon he hopes that is the opening he needs to get close to her. Bree soon becomes all he can think about and the closeness may be just to much for both of them to resist, their chemistry is hot. Will their time together be all they need to break down the walls that Bree has built up to protect her from herself, her past and future pain? 

     I highly recommend Something There in Between, it has the drama, suspense, sexual passion, surprises and emotions I enjoy in a really good book. S. Ferguson you did an amazing job with capturing the story line, characters and keeping the readers engaged. I look forward to your next book. 5 star must read!

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Ferguson is a military wife and mother of three. She loves to find beauty in the flawed and broken.

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