Friday, December 30, 2016

Book Review for Love's Illusion by Ozlo & Priya Grey

Contemporary, New Adult, Standalone Romance Novel
 Some Say Love Is An Illusion, But Nash Is Very, Very Real … I’ve never thought of myself as the kind of woman men would find attractive – much less sexy. I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything resembling a “real” relationship. But then I moved to Los Angeles, and everything I thought was “true” about myself… shattered.   They say Los Angeles is a city of illusions, and it’s tough to see what’s real.   But Nash Is Very, Very, Real.   He’s drop dead gorgeous and built out of hard stone.   But he keeps to himself. A Loner. Moody and Mysterious. A Star Athlete whose career was tragically cut short. Now he’s trying to figure out his next move.   Our lives were never meant to intersect. But in a house up in the Hollywood Hills, our souls – and much more – will be stripped bare.   * This Contemporary, Stand-Alone, New Adult Romance From Bestselling Authors Ozlo & Priya Grey ends in a HEA, with a satisfying climax. It is intended for Mature Audiences. Get your Copy Today!   

                                       My Review:

     In Love's Illusion by Ozlo and Priya Grey, it had a slow start for me, I have read one of my favorite books from this couple Love's Composure so I knew my expectation and I was so happy that I kept on reading. I not only was introduced to one couple but I was gifted with a story of four characters looking or just falling into love.

     The main characters in this story is Flo and Nash, two people that I would not have pictured  truly seeing each other but when they do, I feel that's when the story takes off. Their friendship is fun, true and comes together leaving the reader  with a feeling that just feels so right. Flo moves to LA to intern  in one of the biggest gaming companies and moves in with three other people, Flo's insecurities and weight issues keeps her from finding a real relationship. Luckily, her roommate Nash is a trainer.

     Nash comes off as an ass in the beginning, his past keeps him questioning life's choices. His need to get his famous athletic fathers approval has him feeling " not good enough" that just adds to his moodiness. Maybe all he needs is to help out his new roommate build her self confidence and see himself through her eyes.

     Love's Illusion is a wonderful romantic read filled with sparks, characters that I fell in love with and  little lessons in finding oneself, realizing that opposites do attract and may even work out and being honest with yourself and those you love will lead you to that happy ever after. I can't wait for their next book! 4 Stars

Contemporary, New Adult, Standalone Romance Novel

                            About Ozlo & Priya Grey:

Ozlo and Priya Grey exchanged their marriage vows over ten years ago. They never expected those vows would lead them to collaborate artistically. If you asked either one of them to reflect on their art, they would admit it has strengthened their union on all fronts. They collaborate to produce contemporary romance novels that are known to pull at your heartstrings while leaving you to contemplate life’s greater purpose. They have authored three contemporary romance novels, including the Amazon #1 inspirational romance bestseller, Healing Melody. Their time is consumed with developing stories for future projects, writing and re-writing, and tinkering with graphic design. When they step away from their desks, they enjoy watching movies and long walks on the beaches of Southern California.  

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