Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Release Blitz and Book Review for Date Me by Logan Chance

Date Me
A Sex Me Novella
By Logan Chance
Cover by Judi Perkins with Concierge Literary Designs

Release Date: November 15th
DATE ME - EBOOK COVER copy copy.jpg

Erik Murphy has everything figured out, or so he thinks.
His ex is getting married. He needs a date.
Two meddling sisters and One dating app later, Erik finds himself in a whirlwind of online dating.
Will he be able to find a date in time? Will he find something more instead?
Kayla MacPhearson thinks her best friend Belinda Hittle, an extreme introvert, needs to spice up her dating life. Kayla hooks her up on a dating app and sits back to watch the sparks fly.
What happens when it all doesn’t go as planned? Will these two find love?

                                  Book Review:

      Logan Chance has a Sex Me Novella series that I am really excited about and the first book is Date Me. There is one thing I have to say about Logan Chance's writing and that he is really good when it comes to the female perspective. He has this way of messing with and questioning a woman's emotions. I had a fit of disapproval with the author and the main character for a second, the woman in me had to step back and calm down. That says a lot of the writer when a novella can get a reader all emotional.

     In Date Me we have Erik Murphy a pilot who needs a date for his ex's wedding, with two meddling sisters this should not be a problem. I love the closeness between these three, they are funny and very open with their brother and sister conversations. I gravitated towards Erik right from the start, he seems to be everything a lady wants...that's what I thought! His wandering eyes and decisiveness made me question him.

     Belinda Hittle is a shy beautiful woman who loves to bake, her best friend Kayla MacPhearson puts her on a dating app to help add something that's missing into Belinda's life. Kayla, is the sexy, gorgeous best friend who has not been so lucky in the guy department. She works and lives with Belinda and only wants the best for her friend. 

This is such a short read but a power punch when it comes to hitting the reader with emotion. I have to stop myself because I am trying to not spoil anything. You just have to read it for yourself and find out why it had me going all haywire. It really sucks rating a novella because I want to give it 4 stars for leaving me wanting more but because of the good storyline and my twisted emotions, it's deserving 5 Stars.


Logan Chance enjoys the simple things in life. Star Wars, music, and pretty girls. Always in trouble at school, he was made to copy the dictionary while the others played. This began his word fascination.

With a love of words he then realized he loved stringing those same words together to create stories to inspire all.

From Boston, and relocated to Florida, he lives out his days writing, reading, and avoiding the beach.

Not afraid to tell it how it is, Logan is definitely a man of his own.


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