Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Release Blitz and Book Review for Smokey: Satan's Fury MC by L. Wilder

Title: Smokey
Series: Satan's Fury MC
Author: L. Wilder
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 18, 2016
Smokey You can’t fight fate, especially when it brings you a girl like MJ Thompson. She wasn’t just beautiful. No, she was so much more than that. She was smart with a smile full of magic and curves that drove me to distraction. I wanted her, but there was a catch: She was the lawyer handling my father’s will. And as if that wasn’t enough, her dad was a cop. I should’ve known better than to get mixed up with a girl like her, but I just couldn’t resist. I wanted to feel her body pressed against mine. I wanted to hear her call my name while she was wrapped in my arms, so I ignored my instincts. I made her mine. After one night, she had me, heart and soul. Every ounce of doubt, every second thought, vanished. Life was good. I had my woman by my side. The club’s new pipeline was moving forward, and I was coming to terms with my past. Then, without warning, it all fell apart. I lost her. She skipped town, leaving only a note and a lot of unanswered questions. I thought I had to let her go, but she had a secret. After discovering what she was hiding, there was nothing I wouldn’t do to have her back in my arms. Sometimes the road takes you on an unexpected turn, and you end up exactly where you’re meant to be.

I am writing this review fresh from just flipping the final page, Leslie Wilder had me from the first book in this Satan's Fury MC series and with every book proves how awesome she is with creating these tough MC men who also wear their hearts on their sleeves, they ride hard and love harder. In Smokey: Satan's Fury MC, I found that the sexual passion was not at the forefront, don't get me wrong the sexual passion is there and it is felt. I mean I am pretty sure I felt my legs weaken at those moments. It was the LOVE between the two characters,  the brotherhood of the club members and their significant others that highlighted this story, that bond is felt in every story of this series, but I felt that Smokey exudes love and that made him even more lovable. 

Smokey, is one tough Satan's Fury brother and he is in charge of training the new recruits that is just one thing that he does. I am over here trying to write without blushing at the thought of picturing him. He is one dominate alpha male, his words alone are hypnotic but it is the sweet, gentle loving side that would not let me look past him. It takes one night of being at the right place and the right time to help out a women in need and Smokey's life is changed for good. 

MJ Thopsom never expected that the man she needed to deliver papers to would end up being the one that she could not live without. MJ is a lawyer and smart enough to know she should not fall for a man that doesn't live by the law, especially because her father is a cop.  Once their relationship is revealed, MJ is left with a decision that will destroy her and leave Smokey broken. Will walking away and keeping a secret be what is best for their relationship?

Smokey: Satan's Fury MC has all the love, passion, suspense and heartbreak that I love in a great read. I couldn't ask for anything more from L.Wilder and these MC men, I even questioned if this series can get any better and these men any hotter, I will leave that up to Wilder and her wonderful imagination. 
5 star must read!!!

Leslie Wilder grew up in a small town in West Tennessee. A country girl at heart, she’s always thought that life is too short, but she had no idea how short it really was until her brother passed away in 2014. She’s always been an avid reader, loving the escape only a great book can give, and wondered if she had what it took to write one of the wild romances she’d come to adore. With the support of her family and friends, she published Inferno: A Devil Chaser’s MC, one year after her brother’s death. With him in mind, she fulfilled her lifetime dream of writing. Since then, she’s completed the Devil Chaser’s Series and continued on with the Satan’s Fury MC Series. She has so many stories in her head, and can’t wait to share each and every one.
Leslie has been blown away by the support of her readers, appreciating every message, review, and encouraging word she’s received over the past year. She looks forward to continuing this journey with them for years to come.

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