Friday, October 28, 2016

Book Review for Only You by Luxx Monroe

 Only You 
by Luxx Monroe

*~*~*~* ONLY YOU IS LIVE *~*~*~*

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Lena Mayes is done with love. After finding her husband, the love of her life and the man she thought she would spend the rest of eternity with, in bed with his much younger secretary, she shuts down the thought of ever loving again.
Dax Tice is finally free from the demanding world of college. He's ready to find his new life path when he meets his aunt's best friend, who's in need of a little help. Dax happily signs up for the job, but isn't prepared when he finally meets Lena one fateful morning.
What is age when it comes to love? Would you be able to forget a number for a night of pure passion, even if you know it's not the right? Lena is about to find out, except she has no idea that what she's about to embark on is not just a forbidden journey of lust, but a journey of new discoveries that may just lead her to her happily ever after.

**This is a sweet and sexy story that will give us all hope that there's that special someone out there for everyone. If you're looking for a spicy but sugar coated HEA novella, then your search has ended. Enjoy!**

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                                      My Review:

     When I finished Only you my first thought was... Dayummm!!! Luxx Monroe, this is one hot short read. You gave me two extremely sexy, sweet and loving characters that are memorable and easy to fall in love with. I hope everyone is prepared for it's release which should be days away. It's a second chance romance but I would also say naughty forbidden romance as well. LOVED IT!!!

     Lena Mayes has been out of the dating scene since her divorce, she caught her husband cheating and that was over a year ago. Lena held onto the one thing that he loved ( their house) but is difficult for her to maintain, so with the help of her best friend they come up with a solution that will change Lena's life, unbeknownst to her best friend.

     Dax Tice has put college life behind him and has returned home to help his aunt and her husband with their business. His aunt has also volunteered him to help her best friend out with lawn and house maintenance. Dax was never prepared to bump into Lena on his first day on the job. The sight of her beautiful body and face is a sight he can't seem to get off his mind.

     Only You is a sweet read filled with a forbidden passion with knowing that age difference and the possibility of losing your best friend, is it worth the risk to fall in love with someone that's impossible to resist?  For a short story it makes a lasting impression. 5 Stars

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