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Book Review for The Sweet Temptation of Whiskey by Charlene M. Martin

The Sweet Temptation of Whiskey

by Charlene M. Martin

Stone Black is a successful business man who has demons in his closet. He is broken-maybe even beyond repair. He has never been in a successful relationship, because he doesn’t let anyone get close enough. 

Anaya Cole has recently come into money and she is looking to invest. Mr. Black offers to help Anaya invest her inheritance so that she can open her abuse center. 

There attraction is overwhelming, but Anaya doesn’t want to want him. After all he is a man-whore. 

Ms. Cole has penetrated my mind and I just can’t seem to get her out of it. I have to have her, so have her I will. If it’s the last Goddamn thing I do. I will screw her until she can’t walk and then I will move on with my life just like I have always done.

Once Anaya tastes the whiskey on his breath, she can’t stop. She craves more, and when her head and her heart collide, she is left with an important decision-Walk away or risk being burned? 

After all, Whiskey never felt so good.

***********WARNING: This book has adult situations, including abuse. (Possible triggers) This book is a DARK EROTIC read not intended for the faint hearted. Due to content and situations this book is NOT 
intended for anyone under the age of 18.***************

                                       My Review:

     I was gifted and asked if I would like to read and review The Sweet Temptation of Whiskey and I am so happy that I did. I don't even know how to begin my review for this over the charts sexual read. I am talking Charlene M. Martin grabs you from the beginning with a dark twisted disturbing scene and from there as a reader your emotions will be all over the place.

     Stone Black is one extremely sexy dominate alpha billionaire, the sad part is that his past has darkened and broken him. The feeling of woman and booze is what Stone believes will fill the void of loneliness and take away his nightmares. Stone doesn't believe that he is deserving of love and a relationship so he will do anything to avoid that, but after meeting a woman that totally consumes him, will he be able to let her in or will he do what he does best and push her away? You will definitely have a love hate relationship with Mr. Black.

     Anaya Cole not only is she sexy as hell, she is smart, kind, giving and will not be pushed around. Anaya has a friend from her childhood, whose death gives her the dream to invest her inheritance into opening a abuse center. This is where Mr. Black comes in and helps her see the plans through with his success in money, investments and business. The only problem with this business relationship is Stones need to get his hands on Anaya. With Anaya trying to keep it strictly business since she has seen firsthand  Mr. Black and his man-whore ways, she wants nothing to do with him. Will Anaya be able to resist Stone's sweet tasty lips of whisky once she has tasted them?

     I don't know how to describe the sexual references in The Sweet Temptation of Whisky  because there is a extreme amount of it. Some dark, twisted and erotic and some intensely passionate as if it is addictive. Once Anaya and Stone come together it is spine tingling moments one after the other. I needed a moment to breathe!!! I loved the story line, the characters and I look forward to more books from Charlene M. Martin, I have to say that this is one book that you could feel the heat coming off the pages. This is a 4 star read from me.

About The Author: 
Charlene M. Martin is a small town Author who currently resides in the same city that she was born and raised in. She loves watching teen drama shows, reading, writing, and listening to music. 

She has a loving family her mother who has taught her about love and lasting relationships. A father who pushes her to excel and succeed at anything she desire. Her younger sister and her have become very close over the years and she is very supportive of everything Charlene does.

She's been married for 11 years to her best friend. She loves her husband more than anything. He is so kind, loving and supportive of her hopes and dreams. He likes to joke with his friends that, "His wife writes adult books." 

They have an fourteen year old daughter who is smart and talented. Charlene can't believe how fast she grew up. Her daughter is turning into quite the young lady. She aspires to be so many things and Charlene encourage them all. She loves to write songs, and has even tried her hand at writing a book. Maybe one day she will follow Charlene's example. 

Being that Charlene is from a small town, she has made some long lasting relationships. She has two best friends that she's known for most of her life. They've continued to stick together over the years and they're always there for one another. Charlene couldn't imagine her life without them. 

She's not a big animal lover, but she does have a headstrong dog that is the absolute best-behaved dog she's ever seen.

She has always aspired to be a neonatal nurse and she continues to work towards that goal. Maybe one day it will come true for her. However, writing has become her new favorite love. 

She never would have dreamed that she would become a writer, but some really great people convinced her otherwise. Eventually she decided to give it a try and what do you know? She just finished writing her fourth book and she couldn't be happier. 

She will continue to write in her spare time with hopes of it becoming a full time career at some point in her life.

If you want to keep up with her you can like her Facebook page :

Follow her on Twitter : @C_Martin_Author

She loves hearing from her fans while they are reading her books. So feel free to PM her via FB :) Please leave a review for every author you read as it's truly the best way to thank an author. Happy Reading!!

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