Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book Review for Believe by Zoe Danielle

by Zoe Danielle

Believe follows the story of Kate, who's marriage unexpectedly comes to an end when her abusive husband leaves her. Although, it's probably a good thing, it still knocks her to the ground. 

Needing a fresh start, Kate asks for a transfer in her company and moves to the UK for a six month period. Hoping this will give her the time she needs to clear her head and mend her broken heart.

That's when she meets Luke.

Luke Bennett is a sexy, dirty, arrogant and extremely alluring police officer who is interested in getting to know Kate better. Kate's friends convince her to use this brilliant opportunity as a 'distraction' which will help her take her mind from her failed marriage and divorce proceedings. 

But a one night stand quickly turns into something more as Kate finds herself falling for Luke... 

Advanced readers have described Believe as an addicting read which will make your heart race and mouth water.

My Review:

     I was provided an ARC of Believe for a honest review and I am so thankful I was asked.
This story and Zoe Danielle's writing had me feeling the emotions of a abusive wife whose husband leaves her and she is wanting a new start in life. 

     Kate finds herself needing a escape from her past and asking for a transfer from the company she is working for seems to be the answer. Hoping that moving to the UK for a 6 month period would help clear her memories of her marriage, build her self esteem and find her independence. Kate's husband really did damage to the person she use to be and luckily she has friends in the UK that are willing to help her find herself. I love Kate's character, she is great at her job, she's beautiful and when she starts finding her inner's so cute, and when she allows a man to shower her with compliments while looking at her as if he wants to devour's  so  intriguing. Will Kate be able to put the past behind her and fall in love with the new man in her life?

     Luke Bennet is one hot, sexy, alpha, dirty talker and on the plus side he is a police officer. Once he spots Kate, it seems he can't take his mind off of her and he wants to be that man she dates and be her sexual distraction. The only thing he will not except is lies which I found ironic, since he is hiding a secret of his own.  Will Luke be willing to accept Kate's past and when his secret is revealed will they be able to stay together?

The chemistry between Luke and Kate is passionate and breathtaking, the story line adds drama and suspense. I love how Zoe Danielle grabs the reader from the beginning and leaves them wanting to know more about each character. I found myself wanting to go back and read some of her other books that have some of the same characters. There is some abuse that had me cringing and angry, but the story is well told. It is a 4 star must read!!!




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