Thursday, August 18, 2016

Book Review for Appetite of Envy by Amabel Daniels

Appetite of Envy

by Amabel Daniels

Shy and sweet Lia Gardella has only wished to make her father proud. Dropping plates, spilling drinks, and missing orders, she’s never fit in at the family business. And after nearly incinerating the whole building, she ran from the stressful environment.

Want not.

As head chef of one of the city’s best eateries, Finn Newland seems to have it all. He enjoyed a youthful career in the MMA. Women worship him. After years of hard work, he finally has an opportunity to take over the restaurant he’s always considered his own.

Be careful what you wish for.

When Lia’s father summons her to supervise Gardella’s, instead of handing the reins to Finn, no one is happy. They don’t know how to collaborate on running the restaurant. Nor are they confident they can continue to deny their attraction to one another. But before they can attempt a partnership of any kind, they’ll need to find the culprit behind a trend of spiteful sabotage aimed at Gardella’s.

                                 My Review:

     Appetite of Envy is a second chance at love, suspense, mystery  that is filled with sabotage and years of built up sexual tension. This is a page turner for me, the characters are highly memorable and the story line kept me alert and interested.

     Lia Gardella is asked to return to the family business and help run the restaurant she ran away from after nearly burning it down years ago. With always wanting to make her ailing father proud she is willing to accept the belittling and poor behavior from the staff. Lia is seen as incapable, clumsy and always lost in her own thoughts. How far will they be able to push her til she puts her foot down and becomes the woman the business needs? Lia's only problem is discovering that the head chef is her long time crush Finn. 

     Finn Newland is the head chef and has always believed he would one day take over the restaurant that he has worked hard to make one of the city's best. Woman are no problem for Finn, they worship the ground he walks on. That is his problem, woman and controlling the staff at Gardella's. The owner who he considers a mentor and a father figure shatters his wish when he calls in his daughter to run the front of the restaurant. Will she be a distraction or a assets to help Finn put the restaurant back on top or will their sexual tension be to hot to handle in the kitchen? 

     Amabel Daniels brings a sense of mystery to the story with her perfectly written scenes of sabotage, trying to find out who is behind all these attempts to bring down Lia, Finn or Gardella's kept me on the edge of my seat. The sexual heat in this story is long awaiting but when the sparks fly... it is so worth the wait, I felt the tingles running down my spine. Appetite of Envy is such a great 5 star read and I do recommend it.  

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