Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Review for Stiletto Secrets by Bella J

Stiletto Secrets (Fairy Tale Bastards #1)

by Bella J

Nicholas Blake is your typical class A, rich bastard who loves getting what he wants. He’s spoiled, selfish and enjoys all the lavish pleasures life has to offer—especially those that involve women and getting naked. Nicholas’ life is just damn near perfect. But one night out on the town with his friends and everything changes. One encounter with a stripper in stilettos who fittingly calls herself Cinderella, and his life suddenly doesn’t seem so goddamn perfect anymore.

As if that isn’t enough, there’s also Emma, the new maid in his father’s mansion that immediately piques his curiosity with her sweet smile and blue-green eyes. He finds himself drawn to her and wants nothing more than to seduce her into his bed, to make her his. But he just can’t seem to stay away from the stripper that makes him burn in ways he never knew possible. 

The more he starts to care for Emma, the stronger his obsession grows for Cinderella.

Insane? Absolutely.

Twisted? Yes.

Completely screwed up? Hell yes.

A decision needs to be made; he needs to choose. But will Nicholas be able to make that choice when he finds himself all tangled up in a giant cluster of love, lust and stilettos?

                               Favorite Quotes:

He was only barely touching her and it already felt like she was going to burn to ash beneath him.

In the span of three weeks his world has gone from uncomplicated, to very fucking complicated.

                                    My Review:

     Stiletto Secrets has a fairy tale twist to a Cinderella story and I was caught up in the romance from the beginning. The characters are perfect, you have your gorgeous millionaire playboy bachelor, your strong heroine, the trust-worthy friends,  the younger sister and your evil villains. I found myself lost in the romance, the passion and will good win over evil story line.

     Nicholas Blake is every woman's dream and he knows it, he doesn't mind having any woman and flaunting it in front of his father. He may not live up to his father's expectations and he may never but that's not a bad thing. Nicholas finds himself captivated by a beautiful stripper named Cinderella that he meets on his birthday outing with his friends. Everything changes for Nicholas when he meets the new maid Emma, he is drawn to her like a magnet and can't think of anything but her in his arms and bed. Will his infatuation with Cinderella ruin his relationship with Emma?

     Emma and her sister's life changes after their fathers death, they are left to continue life without him. Emma takes on the responsibility of providing and seeing that her younger sisters dream with school and having a career come true. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, Emma accepts a job as a maid while trying to keep her weekend night job a secret. That becomes a challenge when she comes face to face with Nicholas the man she has not been able to keep her mind off of. With someone from her past trying to destroy the growing relationship with Nicholas will Emma still be able to hold on to the man she loves and the secret that could destroy them?

    Stiletto Secrets is swoon worthy and has the passion that's so steamy it left me flustered,  I loved everything about it. I am pretty sure this is my first Bella J read and it's definitely not going to be my last.


About the Author:
14278529Bella J lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband, two kids, & chihuahua. Her love for writing started in eighth grade when she received her first writing assignment—which she flunked. But the positive side of her failure—her newly found passion for writing. The negative side—now she’s completely spaced out half of the time living in her little pretend world of romance, love, & insanely hot heroes. 

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