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Book Review for The Passion to Love by Dana L. Elgrod

The Passion to Love: An Erotic Adventure Novel (The Passions Trilogy Book 3)

by Dana L. Elgrod

The third book in the erotic adventure series The Passions

Eva's journey is not yet over. She has to go to Russia to save Anatoly, and she has to do it alone. Will Ethan allow her to embark on this journey? What has happened to Anatoly? And how will the group of survivors deal with a huge challenge threatening to tear apart their fragile existence that they have worked so hard to achieve?

An erotic romance and exciting adventure that will sweep you off your feet!

In this third book of the 'Passions' series, an erotic romance and exciting adventure that will sweep you off your feet, the new family members experience surprising challenges, unexpected encounters and a whirlwind of feelings that teach them all about the power of love. When the world as we know it comes to an end all that is left is the passion to survive. When the new world is created, we must fight for the passion to live. And when we realize that life is stronger than all else, we are propelled by the passion to love!

                          Favorite Quotes:

" There are certain people in my life who I only got to enjoy for a short time, yet they entered my hear as if we had spent a lifetime together."

" Both your soulmates in the same lifetime..."
I mumble," But in this lifetime, you belong to the deep blues..."

" My Emerald, from the first moment that I saw you I never had a chance."

                                   My Review:

     Before I began my review, I have to express how much this series means to me. Dana L. Elgrod has created this journey of survival and trying to create a life after a natural disaster has destroyed the world we knew. The characters are memorable, more than that they are lovable and unforgettable, I am in love with these characters and want this story to continue. 

     In The Passion to Love Eva sets out on this journey to bring home Anatoly, she must take this trip alone, she sees it no other way. Ethan, the love of Eva's life is not happy about this but knows there is no stopping her. Ethan will do all he can to see her through this and that she returns to him and their family alive. Eva's persistence to have her way and not fearing whats ahead will have you wanting to pull your hair out. For the love of me, I at times question how this woman can make any man crazy with want and love while doing what she wants and will risk their lives trying to protect her.

     Ethan, is not only a strong man he is a hero to most, he will do whatever he has to in order to protect the woman he loves more than life itself, the family they have created and lets not forget the community that they are building. Ethan's character radiates strength and a sexual heat that I found myself getting lost in. Will Ethan be able to handle this journey Eva must take? What will come from Eva's journey and will it affect the community?

     Anatoly, needed to return home to Russia to see if his family survived. The separation from Eva was also to protect his heart, Anatoly knew Eva belonged with Ethan. Feeling as if he betrayed his brother Ethan (survivor brothers) he felt conflicted with the love he has for Eva and Ethan. Anatoly, next to Ethan is one of the strongest men so why does Eva feel as if he needs rescuing? Will Anatoly finally be able to let Eva go and find the love he deserves?

     The Passion to Love has the passion, suspense, action and love that I needed from this story. I have to be honest and I do this with a heavy heart, I had to deduct half a star because I found it to be a little repetitive at times and for my heroine Eva, I don't know what it is but her fearlessness and demanding ways seemed to be frustrating at times. I am so in love with this author, Dana L. Elgrod is awesome when it comes to writing about survival, fighting dark and unexpected  situations and when it comes to love and family. Elgrod does leave the reader with a cliffhanger that will have your jaw dropped and your heart beating faster than normal. 

     This must be read from the beginning with book one The Passion to Survive to get the full effect of the characters and the situations that have surrounded them. I recommend this series as a must read. I give it 4 1/2 stars.

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