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Book Review for Confessions of a Bad Boy by J.D. Hawkins

Title: Confessions of a Bad Boy
Author: J.D. Hawkins
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: April 27, 2016


Confessions of a Bad Boy Episode 1: Never Commit

I’m the internet's favorite Bad Boy - the guy who’ll tell it to you straight. No bullshit charm. No excuses. Consider it a public service, letting women know the truth about what guys are really thinking and teaching guys how to get what they want.

Yes, we were checking that girl out.

No, you don't want to meet her parents.

And no, ladies, we don’t care what shoes you wear - as long as they’re up around our neck by the end of the night.

Life was simple, until fate brought me back together with Jessie.

My best friend's younger sister, who I just happened to have the hottest one night stand of my life with four years ago.

Who calls me at 3 AM to get bailed out of jail.

Who I can’t keep my hands off of.

And who can never find out who I really am.

She’s off-limits, but I don't care. And when I need a fake girlfriend to help me out of a jam at work, she’s the only one who can help. Now I’m stuck sharing a hotel room with her for the weekend.

A long, sexy weekend.

This is your Bad Boy, signing off. 

                                Favorite Quotes:

I'm a man after a woman, and everything else- the bookshelves, the people around us, our clothes-are just unnecessary obstacles.

Dirty, nasty, beastly feelings I never knew had start to take over. I've never felt this guilty, this wrong, and I'm starting to see why it's so popular- it's a hell of an aphrodisiac.

"When did you get kinda awesome?" I ask, flippantly. " I've always been awesome,Nate.
It just took you awhile to notice."

It's not just a kiss, it's a gesture of love, a hint of the future. Years from now, wherever I am, and whatever I do until then, I know this'll be the moment I remember as my best, as my most meaningful.

                                        My Review:

     Confessions of a Bad Boy had everything I enjoy in a good read. If life would have allowed me to just spend my time reading, I would have finished this in a day.  I really thought I would have a hard time falling for a character who comes off as a asshole, somehow Nate stole my heart and Jessie is a character that is not hard to love.

     Nate is not afraid to tell it like it is, he vlogs about his womanizing ways and admits that relationships are not for him. He enjoys having any woman that he wants and when he wants. That's what he thought until the girl that he has grown up with for the most part of his life is now this beautiful carefree woman. His best friends sister is off limits and should be the last person Nate should be thinking about. Nate finds himself needing the help of Jessie his best friends sister and after that weekend, she is the only thing he can think about.

    Jessie grew up with Nate always hanging around her house, he is her brother's best friend and her biggest crush. Jessie has the worst luck with men and having a over protective brother doesn't help her situation. When Nate bails her out, he uses that as a excuse to have her help him out and be his fake girlfriend for the weekend. Can this possibly be a good idea?

Confessions of a Bad Boy had it all, the connection between Nate and Jessie is not only hot it is heartwarming and upsetting at times. I also love the connection that he had with his best friend Kyle, it made the relationship between Jessie and Nate that much more interesting and special. J.D. Hawkins has a way with making a bay boy likable and I found myself wishing for that happy ending for Nate. This is one of my favorites so far from J.D. Hawkins.

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I grew up in Southern California and now live with my wife in Venice, CA. In between I've lived in NYC, India and Thailand. I love to travel and enjoy surfing, training in MMA and riding motorcycles. I've always enjoyed making up stories, especially ones inspired by real life.

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