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Book Review- The Bound Trilogy by Kendra Leigh

The Bound Trilogy
by Kendra Leigh

Bound for Hell Book one
Ethan Wilde. Billionaire. Business Man. 
Passionate. Powerful. Persistent. 
One of New York’s most eligible bachelors. 

Angel Lawson. Photographer. Gallery Owner. 
Burdened. Beautiful. Broken. 
A woman haunted by a forgotten past, fearful of her future. 

A chance encounter… or so she thought. 

Consumed by guilt, shunned by her family, and tormented by nightmares of a childhood tragedy, Angel Lawson’s life has been a loveless, solitary journey. Sex is as close to a man as she allows herself to get. Resigned to the hell-bound existence she believes she deserves, there’s nothing left to lose. Or is there? 

When a passionate encounter throws her into the world of Ethan Wilde, Angel is helpless to resist the passionate desire and raw emotion he ignites in her. 

Ethan is as intense as he is sinfully sexy. Irretrievably captivated by Angel, he’s as intent on understanding her naked soul as he is desperate to possess every inch of her naked body. 

Angel craves his touch like a drug and yearns for the love he promises, but surrendering to the feelings he’s unearthed will mean exposing her fears and releasing the demons she’s buried for a lifetime. 

Can Angel risk leaving her ‘safe’ life behind, or is the choice no longer hers? 

Ethan Wilde is used to getting what he wants … and what he wants is Angel. 

Bound For Hell 
Book 1 of The Bound Trilogy, by Kendra Leigh 
Relentlessly sexy. Emotionally deep. Tangled, twisted, intricately woven love story with romance and suspense. For readers 18 and over due to explicit sexual content. 

My Review:
     With having all three books in the palm of my hand, it has been torture for me not getting to the second book. In Bound for Hell, Kendra Leigh has gone way beyond kinky and added a sexual heat that had me taking a few long breaths.
     Ethan Wilde is one who is sure to be added to my book boyfriend list. Ethan is not only New York’s most eligible bachelor, he is extremely wealthy, powerful, and passionate and goes after what he wants. When what he wants is seated at a restaurant across from him, he can’t seem to take his eyes off of her which leads him to a passionate encounter with this secretive stranger. It is the beginning of a fairy tale story of secrets, control, and jealousy with a love so strong that it can be heart wrenching. Ethan can be so sweet and loving when he needs to be but his possessive and dominate side can be hard to handle. Ethan has it all, money, great looks, confidence and a loving family. He is used to getting everything he wants and what he wants is Angel Lawson.
     Angel Lawson is a photographer and gallery owner; she doesn’t handle relationships well as far as she is concerned her relationship with men is only sexual. That’s until Ethan Wilde walks into her life, there’s a pull that he has on her that only makes her crave him more. Angel has a past that has added a weight that is far too heavy for her to carry.  The treatment she receives from her father and one of her brothers leaves a bitter taste. They blame her for a family tragedy that happened when she was only a child. Having been treated badly by family and heartbroken by men, Angel has a hard time with trust and with giving and receiving love. Will she be able to open up to Ethan?
     Bound for Hell had me losing sleep because I did not want to put it down; it has the suspense I love in a good story. As much as I would have thought that the darkness would come from the main characters, it sneaks up on you from other characters that are in Angel’s life. I have become a fan of Kendra Leigh and can’t wait for more of Ethan and Angel in Bound for Salvation and Bound for Nirvana.


                                Bound for Salvation Book Two

Hell was hot, but the flames of deliverance might be the ones to burn …

For the first time in living memory, Angel Lawson feels cherished.

Ethan Wilde has taught her that love is possible for all, even the sinners among us. The bonds of his love free her from the shackles of her guilt. Inch by inch, he’s slid under her skin, folding himself around her soul like a soothing blanket. His love nourishes her starving heart, and his passion fuels the scorching flames of her deepest desires, driving her to the blissful edge of sweet insanity.

Brick by brick, she tears down the protective wall she’s built around her heart, and the ice inside begins to thaw.

To Ethan, Angel is the sole reason he exists, the blood in his veins, the drug to his addiction. He vows to mend her, to help her confront her demons and come to terms with a buried past that continues to haunt her.

But what lies beneath the surface of Ethan’s past?

Pasts left hidden to rot become dirty secrets. Secrets that can tear even the strongest love apart.

And secrets have a habit of revealing themselves when least expected ...

Bound For Salvation

Book 2 of The Bound Trilogy, by Kendra Leigh.

Relentlessly sexy. Emotionally deep. Tangled, twisted, intricately woven love story with romance and suspense. For readers 18 and over due to explicit sexual content
                                                        Favorite Quotes:

Our desire and need for each other consuming us both like a drug-a drug that was more necessary than the air we breathed.

Separated, I’m broken. But as long as you’re with me, I’m whole- and I’m mended. You mend me, Ethan.”

I still see the demons that you battle every day. The way they torment you. The way they hunt you down while you sleep and terrorize your dreams.

I close my eyes to savor his touch. That touch alone possessed me like nothing I could have ever imagined, and like a drug it left me craving like an addict for more.

We slay my demons and then we slay your-together.
                                                                                      My Review:
     Bound for Salvation is book 2 in the Bound Trilogy and from the start of the second story I was a happy reader. Life was pure happiness and full of sex for Ethan and Angel and then Kendra Leigh pulls the comfortable blanket right from under me. 
     Angel’s life is turned upside down when a secret from Ethan’s past comes crashing in like a nightmare. Their relationship is in turmoil and Angel is confused, broken and just going through life alone, her sanity, strength, trust, and love for Ethan is tested. The question is will Angel survive this threat to her life and relationship unbroken?
     Ethan’s secret past left me cussing and questioning his love for Angel, I was torn as a reader. My heart automatically sided with the brokenhearted Angel and I could only see Ethan as a man of deceit. Ethan’s loss and heart break for Angel was perfectly written; I started to breathe again and could see a possibility of their future, they have to fight an evil demon though.

     Bound for Salvation did not disappoint me, I was caught up in the suspense, drama and the Oh so hot passion of Ethan and Angel. I loved that Kendra Leigh also bought in more of a story line for some of the characters. Now that Ethan’s demons have been slayed, will Angel open up and trust that together with Ethan her demons and nightmare will finally be put to rest or will she take her demon on by herself. I can’t wait to find out in Bound for Nirvana.


                       Bound for Nirvana Book 3
The bonds of their love saw them through the ravaging storm to the promise of peace and the chance to breathe … 

Angel once believed her soul belonged to the Devil. Now she willingly gives every part of her—mind, body and soul—to the man whose love mends her a little more each day. 

Ethan knows Hell is no place for an angel, especially not his Angel. He would sacrifice his soul every day of his life in order to save hers. 

Fueled by an almost obsessive desire, their need for each other ignites a passion that most couples could find destructive, but instead the flames of their possessive vigilance only seem to feed the fire of their insatiable hunger. The slaying of Ethan’s demons has made their fortress of love stronger than ever. 
But Angel continues to paper over the cracks of her troubled past, running from the demons that chase her and the nightmares that plague her. When a twist of fate forces her to confront them, she finally begins to accept that her repressed memories need to be explored in order to attain the peace she craves. 

But in her search for Nirvana, Angel discovers far more than buried memories. 

What happens when the worst nightmare you’ve ever encountered is the one you wake up in? 
When the past comes face to face with the present to reveal a web of diseased secrets and lies? 
And the only road you can take leads to one destination … Hell. 

Bound For Nirvana 

Book 3 of The Bound Trilogy, by Kendra Leigh. 

Relentlessly sexy. Emotionally deep. Tangled, twisted, intricately woven love story with romance and suspense. For readers 18 and over due to explicit sexual content.

                                  Favorite Quote:

the reason my eyes followed you from the second you walked through the door.
But I think I knew even then that it was more than an instant physical attraction. I've always dismissed it, put it down to there being some truth to the crazy, romantic, magnetism that had me gravitating toward you, the reason I couldn't tear my eyes away from you...it was like i knew ...without really knowing-"

                                      My Review:

In Bound For Nirvana, it took me a good minute to get back to it but all along while I was trying to catch up on reading and reviewing other books Ethan and Angel were in the back of my mind. I needed to know how their story was going to end. 

I have to say that in the beginning I was taken back and afraid I was not going to like Ethan, his character's possessiveness took a dramatic change and it seemed amplified. I then started to understand his need to want to have her all to himself and the love he has for  Angel hits him to the core of his soul. In Bound for Nirvana it is Angels demons that are needed to be confronted. Will Ethan be there when Angel comes face to face with her demons?

Angel has no idea what she is in for in this journey of letting go of the nightmares and people from her past. As long as Ethan is beside her she knows she will be able to take on her demons, but will she allow him to help and protect her the way he needs to? Angel's love for Ethan seems to be tested by a new character which only seemed to make her stronger. 

Bound for Nirvana answered all questions from the previous stories and I found myself crying like a fool towards the end. Kendra Leigh did not let me down with the suspense I needed and the scenes of passion between Ethan and Angel were more than I expected but so so very....HOT!!! Their love was destined and finding out the story that leads them to each other is beyond fantastic. 

                                                   *** For Mature ***
                                    About the Author:

Kendra Leigh fell in love with words and reading as a young child. She was at her happiest when Enid Blyton whisked her away up into the magical lands at the top of the Faraway Tree with Moon-face and the rest of the gang.
Now, of course, she has more of a fondness for chocolate, cheese and hot men in suits – not necessarily in that order.
Kendra devotes her life to her devilishly handsome partner, scandalously beautiful daughter and cute as hell Shih-Tzu. She believes in love at first sight, and as well as writing and reading, Kendra has a passion for great movies and brilliantly written TV.
The Amazon bestselling Bound Trilogy is her debut series. She is currently plotting and weaving a spinoff series to feature well-loved characters from the trilogy.
Connect with Kendra …
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KLeighBooks (@KLeighBooks)
Amazon Author Page:  http://Author.to/Kendra-Leigh

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