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Release Blitz and Review - Hearts On Fire By Cole Jaimes

Release Blitz Title: Hearts on Fire Series: Heart’s Revenge #2 Author: Cole Jaimes Release Date: January 31, 2016
Aidan Of course it was never going to be perfect. Of course it was always going to be wrong. When Essie Floyd snuck out of his apartment in the early hours of the morning, Aidan Callahan pretended he was still out cold. The truth was he’d never even fallen asleep. How could he, when the girl he should never have developed feelings for, a girl he never thought he’d get, was finally lying in his arms? It was obvious she was going to run. Ever since she walked into his office, she’s playing games. Now only one question remains: Will she stop playing long enough to realize this thing between them is real? Essie How could she do it? How could she enjoy it? Guilt is a wicked thing. It will never leave Essie be. It’s not the intense, incredible sex that’s tearing her apart, though. Sex has always been a weapon, a tool, something to be used as and when necessary. No, it’s not the sex. It’s how she felt when Aidan was inside her. How she felt when he kissed her so deeply. How safe she felt when she woke in his arms. Her wretched heart has betrayed her, and not only that. It’s betrayed her brother, too. Now, the only way to make amends is to focus on her original plan: She must break Aidan Callahan at all costs. If she doesn’t, she’ll never be able to forgive herself.

                             Favorite Quotes:

He was the one in control. He was the one who charmed me.

I feel like this is a standoff, like I'm holding a gun
up to his head and I'm trying to decide
whether or not I should pull the trigger.

You just have to know what level of crazy you're willing to accept from someone you share a bed with.

"I think that the strands of both your future and mine will be forever linked, whether we like it or not. Trauma generally tends to do that to people, for better or for worse."

                                    My Review:

     I know that there are some books that leave you wanting, I just never realized how much until Hearts On Fire was looking so gorgeous on my kindle tablet.

     In Heart's Revenge, we are left with Essie walking out on Aiden after a night of passion. With revenge still on Essie's mind and Aiden aware of the broken woman he has fallen for.

     Hearts On Fire begins with Essie questioning her plans for revenge for the past 5 years, how can she sleep with or have feelings for the man she wants to destroy. Since the death of her brother Vaughn Essie has been a broken woman, her heartbreak is so apparent and in a few scenes it almost tore me in two. 

     Aiden, is more than I expected and everything I wanted. Leaving life on the beach to run his family's corporation after the death of his brother and parents. He picked up the pieces that his brother Alex left behind and for 5 yrs. kept a watchful eye on the woman that lost the most important person to her...her brother. Aiden is so honest, patient, loving and dominating when he needed to be. I almost lost it a few times when Aiden would patiently watch while Essie would throw all her hurt and anger at him, it was so freeing yet so heartbreaking.
      Hearts On Fire is so perfectly written  by Cole Jaimes, I was given everything I expected from this story. Aiden and Essie's tug of war of emotions, revenge plot, heartbreak,  forgiveness and finding closure. It also ends with a perfect epilogue that will leave you with a smile and a little toe curling...totally hot scene!
    I am just saying and leaving my review with this, there is one character in the story that I would love to read more about and his name is Max, Vaughn and Essie's best friend. 

                                                        *** For Mature Readers***


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About the Author:
Cole Jaimes caught the travel bug young. He spent years honing his skills as a writer while he island-hopped and caught some of the most incredible waves in the world, fuelling his addiction for surfing. Along with his adorable French wife, Cole now calls Los Angeles home. You can usually find him procrastinating on Facebook, or watching Game of Thrones for the seventeenth time on HBO. Heart's Revenge is his first contemporary romance series.
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