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Book Review- Red Card by Carrie Aarons

Red Card
By Carrie Aarons

She spent five years planning a future that will never exist. He spent five years trying to erase a past he can’t forget.

London is Leah Watson’s fresh start. When she secures the perfect internship during her study abroad semester, with an infamous celebrity public relations firm, she is determined to forge her own path - one that is nothing like her life back in Oklahoma. That plan is tested when British football’s bad boy, Killian Ramsey, decides that she's the one he wants and he's playing for keeps.

Will she put her future on hold - again - for the type of man she swore she'd stay away from?

Killian is one bloody good football player. After a tragedy shattered his entire world, the cocky and arrogant face he puts on for the media is a complete lie. When he meets Leah, his heart starts to beat for the first time in years. But when the feelings get too real, his perfectly constructed facade starts to slip.

Will he risk it all to be with her - taking whatever penalties are thrown his way - or will he play it safe?

                          Favorite Quotes:

That danger was Killian Ramsey. And if I was the lamb, he was the butcher.

Not even in a kiss, but more of a taste. A
swipe of her lips, as if I was licking sweet 
cream off the corners of her mouth, savoring
each delicious moment.

The moment our mouths moved against each other, my chest felt light and tingly, as if my heart had sprouted wings and was preparing to fly.

It was a second time around kind of love. A wiser, smarter kind of love, but head over heels nonetheless.

                                My Review:

     Red Card grabbed me right from the beginning, it is sexy , funny and heartfelt. After Leah Watson's five year rising star football player of  a boyfriend  dumps her, Leah realizes she always placed herself in the background, she had planned her life around her ex boyfriend and she needed a change. Heartbroken  Leah Watson leaves home to study abroad and intern at one of London's most famous public relations firm where she finds herself responsible for one of British's famous bad boy football player Killian Ramsey. Will Leah be able to handle his arrogance, snarky remarks, demanding ways, womanizing and all the sexiness that is Killian?

     Killian Ramsey as much as you want to hate him, he makes it impossible at times.  He can go from possessive and caring to doing all he can to push those that care about him away.  It was a tragedy from his past that had Killian the man he is today, he feels it's better to play the part of what the paparazzi expected of him than to have his private life thrown out there for the world to see, as long as Killian was in control of his life no one would get hurt. Well that's what he thought until Leah Watson walks into his life.

     Once Leah and Killian realize this attraction they have, it's hard for them to keep their hands off each other and the connection is off the charts hot. They decide that it's best to keep the relationship a secret, how long can that secret last? The hardest part of the relationship is Killian letting go of his past and letting Leah into his heart. I loved how once Leah comes into her own and realizes what she wants, she too can be just as assertive as Killian.  There are some parts to this story that almost tore me apart with anger, frustration and heartbreak, with Carrie Aaron's writing she made those moments so easily felt.  
                                                *** For Mature Readers***


About The Author:
       They say those who can't do, teach. Well, Carrie has no hand-eye coordination, and her idea of romance is a Netflix marathon complete with Thai food. So, she writes sports romance novels instead.
Beginning her writing career as a journalist, Carrie wrote about real-life crime and scandal before turning to the fantasy world of fiction. She lives with her husband in an apartment they are constantly outgrowing.

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