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Book Review- Paradise Fought: Abel

Paradise Fought: Abel

by L.B. Dunbar

I'm not a fighter. 
I was born into a fighting family. As the middle child, I was overlooked in favor of my older brother. 
He took the negative attention, too. In comparison, there's nothing special about me. 
I’m not as big as Cobra. I’m not as strong as Cobra. He's the alpha. 
I'm a beta. 
The second son. 
The lesser one. 
The one never encouraged to fight, never encouraged to do anything, but stay out of my father’s way. 

I'm not a lover either - but I wished to be – that’s why I needed her. 
I met a girl in the pouring rain. 
Sounds clich√©, but it's true. It changed everything. 
Because of love, I learned to fight. 

Betas come second, but in this fight, my story is first. 

                            Favorite Quotes:

I cringed at the thought that his lips would touch others

The heavens were watching me lose my 
virginity and my heart. I was sacrificed to the 
god's above, in a ritual as old as those stars.
I'd give up my body again and again if I could
feel how I felt with Abel.

“You never saw me, Elma, even when I was right in front of you. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been right behind you. I’ve always been having your back, when all you have is concern for me.”

                                My Review:

     Paradise Fought: Abel by L.B Dunbar is my second MMA fighting genre book and my first read from L.B. Dunbar. I have to say that this is my first story about life inside the ring and out. I was a little nervous that I would lose interest, but that never happened. I was grabbed from the beginning and held to the end. 
     Abel/ Beta has always felt as if he has something to prove to his father and brother, being that he is the second son and treated as if he could never live up to the strength of his brother Cain. Abel sets out to prove that he can be just as good as his brother by training and fighting in the underground matches to work his way up and make a name for himself.
He also feels that he needs to find a image with the ladies, because of his past he shy aways from the girls on campus. He needs a tutor to help him get the girls and update his appearance, that's were Elma comes in.

    Elma's story grabs your heartstrings, even though you will find yourself frustrated with her, it's hard not to want to protect her. With the loss of her brother, Elma blames the person he last fought and wants revenge. Life has not been the same for her, she now has to be the provider and pick up the pieces her drunken mother leaves around. Elma finds herself needing financial assistance to continue her college courses and that's where Abel offers his help in return for her guidance with picking up the ladies. 

     Paradise Fought: Abel has everything you want in a great read. It has secrets, some violence, pressures of life and a wonderful love story in the making. With Elma denying what is right in front of her...Abel's love.  Abel feeling as if he has to prove to his father that he is a strong man, who should have stood up to him years ago. If Abel could only see that the only person he needs to prove something to is himself. The abuse that Abel and Cain have endured will make you cringe. At first I thought Cain was just a jerk but now I am so looking forward to his story (cause I feel it's in there). The passion that Elma and Abel share in those moments of sexual tension are perfectly written. What can I say? This story just grabbed me and made me a fan of MMA genre.  
                                                           *** For Mature Readers***


About The Author:
L.B. DunbarI'd love to say I've written for 10,000 hours, and that makes me a pro. But I can't say that. What I can say is I had a story in my head that wouldn't go away. I thought typing it in my computer would be the end of things, but it only led to another story and another. I love reading, so characters in my head isn't something new. What is new is my creation of them. Hope you enjoy my favorites as much as I do. Happy reading!


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