Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Book Review- In the Silence by Ani Bishop

In the Silence
by Ani Bishop

Amy Welton has a good life. Her mother and brother are the world to her, as is her best friend—and sister-by-choice—Bella. That’s how she finds herself in the midst of planning a party for two amazing people, and the help she receives comes in the form of one very sexy, dark, alpha male. 

Rylee Kane isn’t the kind of guy you’d bring home to your mother. He’s the one who takes a woman to bed for a single purpose, and that ain’t love. But when he’s saddled with beautiful Amy, something happens to him. She’s a woman whom he’d never think of taking to bed, yet, he can’t come up with anything he’d rather do. The stakes rise, and his will is challenged. 

He pisses her off all the time. She tests his nerves at every turn. When her feelings morph into something she swore not to let happen, will she stick through the danger to see the end? Or will they be over before they really begin?

                        Favorite Quotes:

How had this man made her want him after just one look,one touch, one word?

she made it clear that she was not the one-night stand kind of girl. And he as definitely only a one-night stand kind of guy.

" When I finally have you ready beneath me, it won't be for a quickie. I'll take my time to worship your body he way it should be.

I don't need your brain, just your body."

               My Review:

     I am very lucky to have read both books in the No More Secrets series, I enjoyed Ani Bishops writing with My Light and I loved it even more with In the Silence, both books can be read as standalone's. I just love the intermingling of characters from both stories.

     Amy Welton, a bookstore owner who loves her friends and family more than anything. Amy is beautiful but has problems with picking the right kind of man, She is strong, independent, loyal and wants everything to be perfect. Especially the planning of a surprise party for two of her best friends. Amy's only issue is who she is planning the party with.

     Rylee Kane, he is controlling, dominate and sexy as freaking hell. He is not a one woman man and that is perfectly clear to all those around him. His best friend Mike needs help to plan a surprise party for the woman that he loves and that is how Amy comes into his life and never leaves his mind.

     The relationship between Rylee and Amy is one that I enjoyed reading, His controlling ways is too much for Amy to handle and she may be the only person that could put him in his place. I loved how each had reasons to resist the temptations of each other, it made the coming together even that much sexier. In the Silence is such a good read, it has the suspense, romance, true friendships and just the right amount of passion I enjoy in a good story. Looking forward to more of Ani Bishops work, hopefully with some of the same characters from the series.


About The Author:
Ani BishopHi! I'm Ani Bishop. I'm a married mother of two who lives in a small town. My life hasn't been easy, but it's been filled with family. Our house had always been filled with laughter and not one moment of peace could be found. But, we've never been bored.
Reading has never been a chore for me, it's been a great passion. Writing, however, came afterward. Just a story in my head that needed to be told, and I wrote the first few words. Ever since I started, there was no stopping. Every day, every week, I've worked and written and had fun. Because writing is fun, if you love it.

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