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Book Review- Counsellor & Magnate ( The Acquisition Series)

Counsellor ( Acquisition #1)

by Celia Aaron

In the heart of Louisiana, the most powerful people in the South live behind elegant gates, mossy trees, and pleasant masks. Once every ten years, the pretense falls away and a tournament is held to determine who will rule them. The Acquisition is a crucible for the Southern nobility, a love letter written to a time when barbarism was enshrined as law. 

Now, Sinclair Vinemont is in the running to claim the prize. There is only one way to win, and he has the key to do it — Stella Rousseau, his Acquisition. To save her father, Stella has agreed to become Sinclair's slave for one year. Though she is at the mercy of the cold, treacherous Vinemont, Stella will not go willingly into darkness. 

As Sinclair and Stella battle against each other and the clock, only one thing is certain: The Acquisition always ends in blood. 

Full disclosure: This book is a dark romance with elements of slavery, violence, BDSM, and super-hot sex. It is the first of a series and ends on a cliffhanger. If you're good with these caveats, enjoy.

                      Favorite Quotes:

" Then you really are as dump as I think you are."
" That's fair, given I already know you're as evil as I think you are."

All the concern that he'd 
walked in with was gone.He 
looked...hungry, as if the moon
had emerged from behind a cloud
and revealed him to be some sort 
of ravenous wolf.

At that moment in front of the fire , I wanted the fairy tale. I wanted to be her knight instead of her demon. I kissed her like I meant it, like I felt something more for her than ownership.

                           My Review:

     Starting a review for Counsellor by Celia Aaron, I am finding myself overwhelmed with emotions and trying to write them down seems difficult. I think it's because the way I felt while I was reading the book deserves to be verbally broadcast. I can write all I want, but it will not feel the same as if I am discussing this book to a friend or my hubby ( as I did).

     Let me begin with Sinclair Vinemont, he is the eldest son and is next in line to find a acquisition for the family. A tournament is held every ten years and three eldest members from each family will battle to become the Sovereign, that person will hold power for 10 years and lead the most powerful people in the south. Vinemont wants this title and is willing to do anything for it. Sinclair, is a brooding character which at first is very hard to like. His emotions are strongly defined but I could sense a weakness which could make winning this title difficult.

     Stella Rousseau, is a beautiful artist who is standing by her accused father waiting for a ruling for his punishment. She catches the eye of one Vinemont and to her utter disgust he propositions her with a agreement, in order to keep her father out of prison she will have to give one year of her life to be his acquisition, to torment her body and soul. Stella will not go willingly, she will fight who she must to not break her spirit.

    I physically want to scream right now!!! Their our so many characters to this story that make it a read that you do not want to put down. Sinclair has 2  brothers Lucius and Teddy and they are very important. I can't say much about Lucius, he is basically as dark as his older brother. Teddy is the one with the big heart and adds brightness to this family. The other characters you will either love them or hate them with such a passion.

Counsellor will at times drive you mad, with the love hate relationship between Sinclair and Stella. The sexual tension and the moments of passion will send shivers down your body. At one point in the story I found myself crying because during one of the trials, Aaron has it perfectly written where you will feel the torment of the punisher and the pain of Stella, it tore me apart. The abuse from this trail will leave Stella questioning how this tournament will proceed and could change her feelings for Sinclair, it also leads to a cliffhanger that will want you to go straight to book 2 Magnate.  


Magnate ( Acquisition #2)

Lucius Vinemont has spirited me away to a world of sugar cane and sun. There is nothing he cannot give me on his lavish Cuban plantation. Each gift seduces me, each touch seals my fate. There is no more talk of depraved competitions or his older brother – the one who’d stolen me, claimed me, and made me feel things I never should have. Even as Lucius works to make me forget Sinclair, my thoughts stray back to him, to the dark blue eyes that haunt my sweetest dreams and bitterest nightmares. Just like every dream, this one must end. Christmas will soon be here, and with it, the second trial of the Acquisition.

Full disclosure: This book is a dark romance with elements of slavery, violence, BDSM, and super-hot sex. It is the second book of a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. If you're good with these caveats, enjoy. 

Coming April 2016 -- Sovereign, Book 3 of the Acquisition Series

                           Favorite Quotes:

“Seven rules to see you through. Seven rules to live by. Seven rules to make it hurt. Seven rules to kill by.”

“Even when she wasn’t in my presence, I saw her. More than that, I felt her. She’d taken up residence inside me.”
My heart swelled, and so many emotions I thought I'd given up on rose to the surface, not the least of which was hope. Hope that this would change things. Hope that he would value me more than just a means of winning the Acquisition.

                                  My Review: 

     Magnate, begins where the Counsellor ended, Stella decides that she wants Sinclair's brother Lucius to claim ownership over her and lead her through the trials. Even though she has been whisked away to a sugar cane plantation and the feeling of the trials and Sinclair are far behind. Sinclair is never far away from Stella's mind, no matter how much Lucius tries to claim ownership over Stella her body, mind and soul yearns for his older brother.

     The stay on the plantation does not last long and due to some unforeseen circumstances they must return home to the Vinemont Mansion and prepare for the second trail which will ask more from Stella than can be imagined. She will have to trust the man who has thrown her to the wolves. She will find a friendship with one of the other acquisitions that could help get them through the tournament one step at a time. The acquisitions are put through hell and back, will Stella have to be put  through the pain and shame as the others and if so will the Vinemont brothers be there to protect her?

     In Magnate you will discover hidden secrets of the family, that will help you understand why this tournament is so important to the family, you will also discover how this tournament can break a person and destroy the life they knew. New friends will surround Stella which will give her strength and keep her spirits high. 

     Sinclair and Lucius will not see eye to eye, but in the end can they come together for the family and help Stella survive the darkness hidden behind these two men and the twisted demands of the powerful people in charge of the tournament. Sinclair's feelings for Stella are to strong for him to hide and his sexual desire for her will have you curling your toes no matter how much you hate his need to win, you will desire more of the sensual moments that Sinclair and Stella have.

     I am so in love with Stella's strength no matter how much she is put through and trust me she will be put through a lot, everyone and everything she believes in will be a lie and will tear her apart but she still tries to look past all that and what keeps her going is knowing there is a end to this monstrosity of a tournament and how she will bring down everyone that has hurt her. 

        Celia Aaron has gone beyond what I enjoy in a good story. I am truly a fan and look forward to book 3 Sovereign because of course like any great writer they leave us with a cliffhanger that has us climbing the walls.


                                 About The Author:

14178108Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.

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