Saturday, December 5, 2015

Book Review- Prince Albert

Prince Albert: A Billionaire Stepbrother Romance

Prince Albert is a royal prick. 

He’s the most famous one on the planet – wealthy, gorgeous, and a notorious playboy. He’s also the most conceited, insufferable, arrogant man I’ve ever met. 

Did I mention he’s a freaking prince? An actual, real life Prince Not-So-Charming. 

He’s tattooed and pierced, too. Prince Albert has a Prince Albert piercing. That's right – he's pierced you-know-where. Allegedly. I’ve never seen it. 

My mother is marrying a king. Being a princess is every girl’s fantasy, right? 

Except that means Albie is my new stepbrother. 

Oh, and one more thing -- I accidentally married him. 

We’re keeping the biggest secret on the planet. 

Ever heard the fairy tale about the Princess and her stepbrother? 

Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

I’m royally screwed. 

***This is a standalone novel with an HEA (approx. 75,000 words) and your copy of Prince Albert includes a BONUS BOOK -- Tool: A Stepbrother Romance (approx. 60,000 words)!***

                              Favorite Quotes:

It's the kind of kiss that 
demands more.
It's the kind of kiss that
demands everything.

She looks up at me with her lips slightly parted, and a sheen of gloss on them. Even though it's simple, the effect is somehow the most seductive thing I've ever seen.

I curse my body for it's obviously appalling taste in men.

This is the kind of kiss that makes me think that I could kiss this girl forever.

                My Review

     I don't even know where to began with writing my review for Prince Albert, I should find this character appalling, with his face plastered all over the tabloids due to his womanizing ways, arrogant attitude and that conceited smile of his. What am a I talking about? Prince Albert consumes you from his first words (pervy as they may be) it's irresistibly hot. The way he takes Belle's body to places never ventured before, had my reading glasses steamed.
     Isabella Kensington, her life changes one night in Vegas and it will never be the same.
Belle is in Vegas for a wedding that never happens and she loses herself to some liquid courage and a handsome stranger, who she marries on a dare never expecting to see him again.
     Weeks later, she is standing before her mom's fiance King Leopold IV of Protrovia, his daughter Alexandra and his son Prince Albert, her soon to be step brother and the stranger from Vegas...her husband. This story is so perfectly written, with humor that will keep a silly grin on your face and bickering between Albie and Beth that could only be due to sexual frustration. Let's not forget some of the hottest scenes between the Prince and Beth that is sure to heat up the pages or your tablet.
     I am so in love with this story, it's a fairy tale with over the top seduction. 

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