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Book Review- Blue Hearts

Blue Hearts ( The Story of Us #2: Into the Blue)

by Sydney Jamesson

Beth Parker Stone knows what it feels like to be alone. She just didn’t expect to feel that way only three months into her perfect marriage.

Ayden Stone is a man who has everything, except the one thing he needs most: the only woman he has ever loved. Fearing for her life, he has to send her away; knowing he has the fight of his life on his hands to save himself and, more importantly, his family.

He must do things he knows will jeopardise his marriage and bring him close to breaking point, but with his back against the wall, he has no choice … he must do whatever it takes.

The French connection deepens, opening old wounds, creating emotional scars which Ayden must endure alone. New enemies from their past close in, threatening their relationship and their very existence.

With everything to fight for, they must make a stand to safeguard their lives and their love … or risk losing it all.

                               Favorite Quotes:

I watch the mini-jet disappear into the clouds, taking with it everything that means the most to me. My wife, my unborn children, my reason for living.

" If you were married, you would realise that my home just left on that jet!"

I'm possessed by you, Beth.

We've always been star crossed 
lovers. What fate has given us 
with one hand, circumstance has 
snatched away with the other,
fucking with our lives as if we
were puppets. Now it seems the 
moon and heavens above are
conspiring against us.

I want to hold him and hurt him in equal measure, to hammer
his chest with my fist until the hurt burns itself out.

He grips my fingers tightly, we cannot be disconnected.
We are locked together, inseparable.

                                       My Review:

     Sydney Jamesson takes my breath away one more time in Blue Hearts. Ayden and Beth are two characters whose love is unforgettable and can be torturous to ones heart (mine).
In Blue Hearts it is the distance between the two soul mates that is so well written, I felt Ayden and Beth's pain while they were apart. 
Writing a review for this story is so hard because, I have read  Ayden and Beth's story from the beginning in The Story of Us series and Into the Blue: Blue Genes they captured my heart, their love story is like no other and has stayed with me, so I become a babbling fool when I write my review. Blue Hearts is different from the other stories in which they are miles apart and there sadness is felt through every word that is written. Since the distance is between them, the sexual references that we are use to are minimal. Which to me as a reader, I did not miss, the sexual tension was very much felt. 
This story brings back characters from the past, which left me with questions. The threat against Ayden's life which is keeping Beth at a safe distance adds suspense and also frustration with wanting to know who is behind this. How will Ayden stop them?
Beth tears me apart with her feelings of loneliness, heartache and feeling of betrayal.  Beth is a strong woman who will fight for her true love, this story pushes Beth to the edge of sanity and forces Ayden to revert to his past which he knows would jeopardize his marriage. 

    I really enjoyed the new characters and also fell more in love with the friends that stand by and protect Beth and Ayden. I am such a Jamesson fan but as always she leaves me wanting more, I will patiently wait for my questions to be answered and my heart to be filled with more of Beth and Ayden's extraordinary love story. 


                                 About the Author:

7074207  Sydney Jamesson is an English teacher by day and bestselling author of romance by night. She is nocturnal by nature and loves nothing more than staying up late, listening to music and being inspired to write. She has always scribbled things down; in her home is one enormous waste paper basket full of discarded phrases, opening lines and pieces of dialogue that have hit her like lightning in the middle of the night or whilst parked up at a set of traffic lights. Her bestselling trilogy, The Story of Us is available worldwide, and she's thrilled to continue Ayden Stone and Beth Parker's epic love story in her upcoming The Story of Us Series: Into the Blue.

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