Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review- Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right

by Katy Baron

Her Mr. Right Could Be Right Under Her Nose! 

Maggie Lane is looking for her Mr. Right. And she has a man in mind. If only she can get him to notice her. Maggie Lane will do anything to achieve her goals and with the help of her best friend, dog and diary, she just might accomplish all of her dreams. 

Hilarious laugh out loud funny contemporary romance. 

Full-length book with NO cliffhanger!

                            Favorite Quote:

I felt like I was Daffy Duck in Ocean's Eleven, completely out of my natural environment.

I've decided that I'm not going back to that gym again.
Never again. so what if I just paid $200 for a membership
that came out of my savings account, which now has a balance
of $33.60?

                                  My Review:

     I promised myself that I would review and post all the books that I read, well Finding Mr. Right by Katy Baron may be a little difficult for me. The reason that I am having a hard time is because I am feeling conflicted between how much I liked this book to how the heroine was simply annoying, I am not sure which out weighs the other. I hate to say that because honestly, I could have been Maggie, (when I was 18 yrs. old). She is so out there, in dreamland. Maggie's brain just never stops imagining scenarios on her love life, her job and even her marriage to Bradley Cooper. She spews white lies, which always seems to bite her in the ass. Maggie's immaturity is so out there that you will find yourself asking, " is this girl for real?" 
     The one good thing is the relationship she has with her brother's best friend Blake Conner, who she hilariously runs into at the gym. Blake seems perfect, he's a lawyer and absolutely gorgeous. He seems to want to ease himself into Maggie's life. He laughs at her quirkiness, believes in her dream to be a writer and even wants to help her when it comes to dating. Blake also finds himself getting Maggie out of trouble one to many times.
     Maggie just doesn't see that her lies keep getting bigger and pushes those that care about her away. If she can only figure out who she wants to be with, complete something she starts and stops using one guy to get over the other or to make the other one jealous, she might just get her stuff together. 
I have to say, I found the characters interesting and I really did like them. I had a few laugh out load moments, so the story did what it's suppose to and kept me entertained.  

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