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Book Review- The Passion to Live

The Passion to Live: An Erotic Adventure Novel 

(The Passions Trilogy Book 2)

by Dana L Elgrod

Adventure, love, passion”... The breathtaking journey continues!

The second book in the erotic adventure series The Passions

In The Passion #2 Eva and Ethan leave for the USA to find out what happened to their families. Anatoly, Lily, Jonathan and their other new friends join them, in order to find a place that they can call home. The group continues to discover the world that has been recreated in the aftermath of the disasters that have taken place. En route, they meet up with more survivors and are forced to deal with unexpected obstacles.
 Get ready for the best emotional rollercoaster of your life
Will they be reunited with their families? Will the powerful and sensual romance between Eva and Ethan endure the biggest test of all? And will the new family manage to stay united in spite of everything? When the world as we know it ends, all that is left is the passion to survive. When the new world begins, we have no choice but to fight for the passion to live.

                                Favorite Quotes:

                                         My Review:
I read this book all night which sleep. It is one of those books that once you start reading, it is impossible to put down.
After reading The Passion to Survive I knew I needed to find out what happens to Eva, Ethan, Anatoly, and their family of survivors in The Passion to Live
With book 2, Ethan promises Eva that they will leave for the United States and find their families. Anatoly and the newly formed family decide to take the trip with them and start a new life together. Once they land on US soil they realize nothing is the same. Did they make a mistake with returning home?
Eva's life is turned upside down, which leads the reader to lots of tears. She no longer has the will to breathe and fights daily with her feelings. Ethan has priorities that have to come before Eva and that torments him deeply. His decisions will upset you and make you feel for him at the same time. Eva is so lucky to have Anatoly, Jonathon, Lily and the other survivor family members to keep her together. Her determination to find her parents gives her the strength to live and during that journey Eva will find out how dark and scary the world has become.
Dana L. Elgrod, introduces new characters that become mesmerized by Eva, she is not hard to fall in love with and the way her character is written she's hypnotizing and I felt drawn to her in every page. The physical attraction and love between Ethan and Eva is painful and breathtaking and is easily felt by the reader. There are more sexual scenes in this book than were written in the first. I found those scenes added to the emotions that were needed to share what each character was feeling.
What I love about this book is that it's not only the survivors trying start a new world and protecting themselves from thieves, rapist and gangs. It's about a family of survivors that love and will protect each other with everything they have. I can't leave out that the love between Ethan, Eva and Anatoly is like no other, it's so powerful and overwhelming that it can be felt in the core of your body. This is a must read and I can't wait for book 3.

                              About The Author:
Dana L Elgrod

My name is Dana Levy Elgrod. I am married to Sir James Elgrod...Well, he's not really a sir, but for me, he is. I am the proud mother of Shachar, a smart, gifted little girl of 7 going on seventeen and Jonathan, my fiery, funny little boy of 5, who has the amazing ability to stretch the truth to suit himself.

I am a lecturer in communications at a private university and CEO of a public relations company. I'm addicted to books; at the age of six I entered a library and haven't left since.

The first romance I ever read, and that left the biggest mark, was 'Gone With The Wind'. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just think of Scarlett O'Hara, and say to myself" After all... tomorrow is another day."

I was raised in a warm and loving family. My parents taught me the power of imagination, to aim as high as I can, and to live life without fear because good things happen to good people. When I met my husband, I realized how amazing it is to live with someone who shows you what love and passion with no boundaries are all about.

I hope and pray that I have succeeded in conveying this message to my readers.

Twitter: @DanaLElgrod 

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