Monday, October 12, 2015

Book Review- The Librarian

The Librarian

by Cole Browning

Jaqueline has had an uneventful life till now. Suddenly it changes beyond all recognition when she takes on a much needed job at her Library. Her love of literature and her passion for books, takes on a new meaning as the lines between fiction, fantasy and reality become blurred, but how? Read on my Reader, just as Jaqueline does.

                                        Favorite Quotes:

                                         My Review:

     The Librarian is my first Cole Browning read and I have to say, it is one of the raciest, hottest, and sexiest books I have ever read. It took me a little longer to read since it has a narrative point of view, for some reason with those reads my mind tends to wonder.
Jaqueline,  takes a job at a library and in her locker finds a pendant and from there fantasy meets reality and her mind and body seem to take control.
     When Jaqueline touches or opens a book, she is sent on a journey of sexual pleasure. she can't understand what is happening to her and her body, but is loving the strength and confidence she is feeling. When Jaqueline meets James all her sexual restraint is lost and wants those feelings that she is receiving from her fantasies. If you don't mind a storyline with self pleasure and very strong sexual matter than The Librarian and Cole Browning is definitely for you. This book will definitely leave you saying, " WOW !!!" with your lips slightly opened and gasping for air.


                                ABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Allow me to introduce myself. Cole Browning is the name; Author and lover of inspiring your mind and yours senses with my words. Drawing together in each of my tales, characters moving freely in three dimensions, in environments you can almost touch.

My books are not mere short tales, but journeys you take through time and space. Pleasure World takes you on a journey into space especially designed for couples to fulfil their every fantasy, whilst J&J a Trilogy of Pleasure is a book of adventure, intimacy and ultimately love.

My books are enjoyed the world over and published internationally, my reviews speak for themselves. 5* praise of the pleasure my words have given to so many of my readers.

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