Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Book Review- The Air He Breathes

The Air He Breathes ( Elements #1)

by Brittainy C. Cherry

I was warned about Tristan Cole.

“Stay away from him,” people said.
“He’s cruel.”
“He’s cold.”
“He’s damaged.”

It’s easy to judge a man because of his past. To look at Tristan and see a monster.

But I couldn’t do that. I had to accept the wreckage that lived inside of him because it also lived inside of me.

We were both empty.
We were both looking for something else. Something more.
We both wanted to put together the shattered pieces of our yesterdays.

Then perhaps we could finally remember how to breathe.

                                    Favorite Quotes:

He stepped in closer.I stayed still. He took one breath.
I took one too. One breath. That's all I could manage.

The hardest part about losing someone
you love is the fact that you also 
lose yourself.

The feeling of falling into someone who was holding you up
from hitting rock bottom.
The feeling of warmth washing against your skin as another
person supplied you with your next few breaths.

Sometimes the hardest part of existing without your loved ones
was remembering how to breathe.

                                     My Review: 

Brittainy C. Cherry grabbed my attention once more with The Air He Breathes, I was drawn in from the first page. 
This story is told from two POV's, Tristian Cole and Elizabeth, both who have lost so much and are barely hanging on to life. 
Tristian, walks through life not knowing how he will survive the next day. He doesn't even care that he is known as the town " Asshole".  
Elizabeth, she comes off strong, beautiful and is trying to live day to day for her daughter Emma.  When Elizabeth is alone that is when you will feel how broken she really is.
When Tristian and Elizabeth come together by some unfortunate accident, their lives will change and they might just find that they have a purpose to live and give themselves permission to love.
The Air He Breathes has it all... it has drama, romance, heartbreak, humor and suspense. It does have a little adult content due to some sexual references, which I felt only added to building up the relationship of Tristian and Elizabeth. It also helps you feel how lonely the characters are, some of the sexual references are also because of Elizabeth's potty mouth friend Faye, she is a piece of dynamite and we all should have a Faye in our life. The characters are easy to fall in love with, the emotions are written so strong that you might find yourself in tears...heartbreaking strong.
I may have gone crazy with the favorite quotes and teasers but that's what this book did to me, I wanted to highlight every beautiful quote and grab every teaser so I could feel like I am wrapping myself in this story.


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