Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Review- Yours (A Dark Bad Boy Romance Novel)

Yours (A Dark Bad Boy Romance Novel)

This can’t be happening. Not to me.

It was supposed to be fun. A spring break trip to Tijuana with my friends. A margarita in each hand while we danced the night away.

Then I saw him in the club. He was too perfect to be true—an impeccably tailored suit, a sculpted body. Ice-blue eyes that seared with desire. I thought everything about him was right. But I was dead wrong.

A gun to my head.

A collar around my neck.

A whisper in my ear telling me to follow orders… OR ELSE.

And the strange look in his eyes that tells me there’s a secret he’s still hiding…

Favorite Quote:

Jess," I whispered. " Anything ...anything you want."
The words were soft, so soft that I had to lean forward
to catch them.
" I want... I want to be yours."

My Review:

     It always surprises me when I read a book and I don't remember the author. Aubrey Dark surprised me with Yours, I have already read a few of her series and enjoyed them. I have read  His Gift, Mr. Black's Proposal  and His Ransom and I should learn not judge a book by it's cover because  with Yours I would have kept pushing this one aside for a later read. I am so happy that I didn't.
     Yours ( A Dark Bad Boy Romance Novel ) kept me on my toes. 
Vale, is dark, dangerous, very good looking, and  a undercover FBI agent or a assassin who works with the FBI he is not afraid to get his hands bloody. His next assignment will ask him to reach into the darkest part of himself by having to work beside the man he is sent to kill . Vale is sent to kill a sex slave trafficker El Alfa, who has been very hard to take down. Vale knows that he has to do anything that is asked of him and it could lead to blowing the mission when his feelings for Jessica and her survival become his priority.
Jessica, is talked into putting her studies aside for the weekend and enjoy time in Mexico with her friends. She is beautiful, young, strong, determined and inexperienced when it comes to men. Jessica and her friends become the target of El Alfa, he wants the girls trained and ready to be sold. Jessica is so scared and beyond mad and only wants a way out but Vale knows that to keep her safe he has to find a way for her to submit and trust him.
 It was not hard to care for these two characters, even though they are in " Hell" their relationship is dark but passionate and they are determined kill El Alfa and make it out alive.
 Yours is a dark, twisted sexual read and recommend for mature readers.


About the Author:

  8648059   Aubrey Dark loves to read and write romance that has a bit of shadow and fear mixed in. 

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