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Book Review- The Passion to Survive

The Passion to Survive

Adventure, love, passion... What else do you need in life?
When Eva gets pulled out of the water and learns that she was rescued from a destructive tsunami wave that demolished the island of Tenerife, her paradise turns into hell. Together with a small group of survivors, including Ethan, a US Marine Corps officer, Lily, a six-year-old British girl and Jonathan, a young man from New Zealand, she waits to be rescued. The group soon discovers that a series of unprecedented disasters befell the entire world and they must now embark on a grueling journey to reach a safe haven.

Throughout the journey additional survivors join the small group and together they must face a new world order that is unexpected, thrilling and at times even chilling.

Ethan and Eva form an exceptional and powerful bond that over time develops into a sensual and stormy love affair, but the obstacles they face along the way and the additional characters they encounter, continuously challenge their relationship.

An erotic adventure romance about the true power of love and passion.

When the world, as we know it, is gone, all we are left with is the passion to survive.

Favorite Quotes:

 He stops kissing me and looks deep into my eyes
" Eva, do you understand that you drive me absolutely crazy"

Don't mourn him,Eva.
He'll be joining you before you
notice that's he's not here.But I 
can feel him not being here with
me. My body aches from the 
agony and I struggle to Breathe.

My Review:

     I am going to try my hardest to not ramble on and just write down my emotions during my read of The Passion to Survive.
This story starts off right after the island of Tenerife was hit by a tsunami, Us Marine Corps officer Ethan keeps diving back into the water to look for survivors. During one of his dives he pulls Eva out of the water and his life is not going to be the same. 
     The characters are written so perfectly by Dana L. Elgrod that I was drawn into the book from the beginning. Eva captivated me as she did every male character in the story, her presence was strong, hypnotic, loving, frustrating and I found myself wanting to protect her. I even found myself yelling at a female character that was trying to take her man. Since she was a little shy, timid and naive in the beginning. This journey that Eva and the other survivors must take will change her and she will find strength that she never thought possible. That journey will make you smile and at times it will send chills, the soon to be family of survivors are so thankful that they have Ethan by their side. 
     What can I say about Ethan, who I can only describe as close to perfect as possible. He is their savior, guide, protector and he is their anchor. He is so passionately in love with Eva and holds all restraint when it comes to her except for his frustration with her, which can lead to one angry man. When Ethan and Eva finally surrender to their sexual frustrations it is beyond erotic, I don't even think that is the right word to describe their moments (which are few and far between) it is bone- chilling passion that is felt to your core being. The love Ethan and Eva find along their journey is  indescribable because it goes beyond the love they have for one another it spreads to the survivors they pick up along the way.                     
     The Passion to Survive not only gives you one handsome hero it gives you two, on the way they come across Anatoly who is a Russian Marine officer and forms a brotherly bond with Ethan. Anatoly will protect the family that is formed of survivors and especially those "Emerald" eyes of Eva. The love in this story is written so powerful that it had me trembling and bawling. There are so many characters in this book that will leave a place in your heart. I cannot wait for The Passion to Live which comes out Sept. 29th.
* Sometimes, I am offered books to read so I can give a review and the author/ writer always tells me Thank You. With some books which this is one of them, I  feel like saying " No, Dana L. Elgron Thank You for allowing me to read a piece of your soul." *

About the Author:

13818610My name is Dana Levy Elgrod. I am married to Sir James Elgrod...Well, he's not really a sir, but for me, he is. I am the proud mother of Shachar, a smart, gifted little girl of 7 going on seventeen and Jonathan, my fiery, funny little boy of 5, who has the amazing ability to stretch the truth to suit himself.

I am a lecturer in communications at a private university and CEO of a public relations company. I'm addicted to books; at the age of six I entered a library and haven't left since.

The first romance I ever read, and that left the biggest mark, was 'Gone With The Wind'. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just think of Scarlett O'Hara, and say to myself" After all... tomorrow is another day."

I was raised in a warm and loving family. My parents taught me the power of imagination, to aim as high as I can, and to live life without fear because good things happen to good people. When I met my husband, I realized how amazing it is to live with someone who shows you what love and passion with no boundaries are all about.

I hope and pray that I have succeeded in conveying this message to my readers.

Why did I decide to write The Passion to Survive?

After the Tsunami in Thailand, a plot started forming in my mind. It stayed with me for a few years, but I never thought about developing it any further. Until one evening, my husband told me something that I already knew. He said that if I don't start writing this book, I would always regret it. The next morning, I sat in front of my computer and wrote the first sentence. I erased it and wrote it again, then I changed it and rewrote it, and so it continued for the next twelve hours. The Passion to Survive trilogy was written in one breath. Once I started, I was barely able to stop, and the result is in front of you. I live and breathe my books. Into each one, I have instilled my values, my beliefs, and my love. In each of the characters, there is a little of the people in my life, and there is no doubt in my mind that I am truly blessed!

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