Thursday, September 24, 2015

Book Review - Capital Risk ( The Legacy #3 )

Capital Risk (The Legacy #3)

by Lana Grayson

A legacy of revenge…

Dishonored. Avenged. Unbroken.

I never understood my family’s desire for vengeance. The feud between the Atwoods and Bennetts existed for years. I thought we could end it.

I was wrong.

The only way to save my family, my company, and my farm is through blood.

The only way to protect my child is in war.

Darius Bennett will die for the sins he’s committed.

And his sons will forever regret challenging me.

Betrayed. Possessed. Dangerous.

My father taught me that power and family were the most important aspects of our life.

He was wrong. Nothing is more important than vengeance. 

The only way to save my family, my company, and the woman I love is by embracing the same ruthlessness that corrupted my father.

The only way to protect the child is by ending this feud and taking what is mine.

I will have Sarah Atwood…not because she belongs to me, but because I cannot exist without her.

Favorite Quotes:

If it even mattered. She was an Atwood. She
probably found a way to destroy us all in her own twisted revenge.

" I loved Nicholas Bennet- I loved him more than the legacy left by my father and brothers, more than the money and the fame of our families."

My Review:

I don't even know how to begin, I was just so happy to finally read the conclusion of Nicholas Bennet and Sarah Atwood. Lana Grayson did not disappoint with Capital Risk. 
If you read Takeover and Controlling Interest you will understand how Capital Risk had to be played out. This story is so much about Sarah's need for vengeance to the one man that destroyed her life and her dysfunctional feelings for her step brothers that she loved and hated. While reading I also had to question my feelings for the Bennet brothers, after everything they had put their step sister through. They abused her, humiliated her and had to take turns so they can impregnate her, to satisfy their sick twisted father's need for greed. It also had to be done to save her and themselves, because their father was always one step ahead of them and he didn't care if he had to kill his own sons to get what he wants.
Capital Risk, is Sarah returning home from hiding and seeking revenge on her own terms and doing everything she can to protect her unborn baby, that will be worth more than the Bennets and Atwoods put together (if it is a son ). Sarah is scared, confused and determined and the only people she can turn to our her step brothers.
Nicholas, has gone crazy looking for Sarah for 2 months. He has come to the realization that he will lose everything to gain Sarah's love and trust, which includes his famliy's company and plotting the demise of his father. His love for Sarah is so passionate that it sends shivers to the tips of your fingers.
Nicholas, Max and Reed will do anything to protect her and seek vengeance on their father, but they also need forgiveness for everything that they put Sarah through.
Darius Bennet is one sick, twisted, greedy, perversion of a man, my stomach turned at the mention of this name.
There are secrets that still need to be revealed which could destroy the love and family that  Nicholas and Sarah are determined to have. Will she still love and forgive Max and Reed and does she still yearn for their touch? The passion, desire and love is twisted at times but the sexual references are fewer than the last two books. I was very satisfied and crossing my fingers that I hope to read stories of Max and Reed Bennet.

                                                                   About The Author :
9825968Lana Grayson was born to write anything and everything to do with romance. Her favorite genres range from the dark and twisty to the lighthearted and sentimental—as long as the characters are memorable, the story is fun, and the romance is steamy. Lana lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, and, when she isn’t bundled in her writing chair, she’s most likely cheering on the Steelers or searching for the ‘Burgh’s best Italian restaurants.

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