Monday, August 24, 2015

Book Review- TAKEOVER

Takeover: A Step-Brother Romance (The Legacy Series Book 1)

By Lana Grayson

Kidnapped. Imprisoned. Ravished. 

When tragedy stole my family, my father’s will mandated my future. I didn’t inherit Atwood Industries. I became the only one capable of protecting it. 

Atwood Industries belongs only to a male heir, my heir. And my enemies—my own step-brothers—will stop at nothing to create a shared bloodline. 

But they’ve made a mistake, and they’ll forever regret trying to control me.


Damned. Destroyed. Enthralled.

My family’s livelihood depended on acquiring the rival Atwood Industries and seizing the innocent woman bound within its terms of succession. 

I never expected such a challenge from my step-sister. 

I never thought I’d betray my own blood to protect her from the nightmare we began. 

But if I don’t stop her, the woman I’m forbidden to love will sacrifice herself to tear apart my billion dollar empire... 

Note: This novel is a dark romance which will include themes of captivity, abuse, and sexual encounters with multiple partners. The story may be uncomfortable for certain readers. However, the series will feature a Happily Ever After and will not include themes of cheating/adultery. 

My Review: 

Just trying to explain this book to someone feels wrong, so how am I to write a review without sounding a little twisted myself? Lana Grayson writes a story about three brothers kidnapping their step-sister, while having to rape, beat, keep her captive, and have to impregnate her ? The Bennet Brothers have to do all this to protect their company, each other and the one person they care about the most Sarah Atwood, their step-sister who in time could hold all the cards and destroy their billion dollar company. This story is so much about hatred and revenge between two family's The Atwoods and The Bennets and they will stop at nothing. 
Sarah is the only family member left to protect her family's business, she is so strong, determined , impatient and sometimes just doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. She will let her body be beaten and seduced just so she can see the one man she despises be destroyed.
Nicholas, the eldest of the three brothers who lives to protect the ones he loves and takeover his family's legacy. This is where my twisted mind comes into play, Sarah is his obsession but he has to allow her to go through all the torture that has been planned out in order to protect her and his brothers.
I wanted to hate him and his brothers with every being of my soul, but I like Sarah could not. I was bewitched by Nicholas and captivated by Max and Reed.

About the Author

Lana Grayson was born to write anything and everything to do with romance. Her favorite genres range from the dark and twisty to the lighthearted and sentimental--as long as the characters are memorable, the story is fun, and the romance is steamy. Lana lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, and, when she isn't bundled in her writing chair, she's most likely cheering on the Steelers or searching for the 'Burgh's best Italian restaurants.

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