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Book Review- My Light



Ella loved Braden for the year they’d been together, she'd missed him for the eleven months he’d been gone. She had to admit that her reaction upon seeing him again proved she wouldn’t stop loving him anytime soon.

Braden left Ella for many reasons, but not the ones she thought, especially not the lie he'd told her to keep her safe. Would she ever believe him after the way he'd hurt her?

When the truth is revealed, will they embrace their second chance? Or is it too late to reclaim the light they'd found in each other? 


The bathroom door opened and he stepped out with no shirt, bare feet, and sweatpants hanging on his slim hips.

Holy God, the man was still drool-worthy.
Much like her control and willpower to resist him, her secret hope had vanished. He'd failed to earn a beer gut, or at least gain some flaw which would make him look less of an Adonis. Her cheeks flamed while she attempted – and failed – not to check him out from head to toe, with some fascinating stops in between.
Heat flooded her veins, followed by desire she'd stifled to a tiny spark while he’d been gone. Now it roared back to life as an inferno, ready to launch herself into his arms and consume him.
Ah, hell!
She. Should. Stop.
Staring at him like she wanted to eat him up, with all the images of a shared shower in her head, made it difficult to think. Her flustered, horny body wanted the one thing that could hurt her irreparably in the end. The hormones told her it would be worth it.
Her head said otherwise.
Braden gazed at her with eyes full of desire, and she knew hers reflected the same. He strode in her direction and stopped a few feet away. Ella swallowed hard. Her black leggings and light blue tank top were not even remotely sexy, but he stared down at her so intensely that she wanted to strip and let him feast on her.
That thought alone excited her above anything else.
One moment he stood too far away, and the next, he held the back of her neck and devoured her mouth. The shock wore off fast with every sweet move of his lips on hers. The kiss started gentle, but soon grew to dizzying proportions, making it difficult to think.
Not that thoughts were welcome.
She fought against the restraint her brain tried to enforce, and begged for more from him, pressed her breasts into his chest. Her pebbled nipples rubbing against his rock hard, half-naked body was a surreal, déjà-vu moment.
His hands roamed her new curves, not that he seemed to mind the changes – they left nothing untouched. When his a palm cupped her breast, she gasped into his mouth. She slid her hands around his waist. The feel of his flesh beneath her fingertips as she touched his chest and arms made her realize just how much she’d missed the skin on skin contact.
Braden slowed the kiss and trailed his lips down her neck while he licked and sucked small patches of skin into his mouth, his bite stinging but arousing.
He's branding me, making me his in a visible way.
That brief moment without his lips on hers lifted the fog on her mind enough for her to think. She wasn’t his by any means, and she knew what they were about to do. It all led to one thing and she wasn’t so weak as to let him do this to her again.
Anger rose as she recalled the past, the hurt she'd endured. The time that he’d been gone. Only to come back and what? Kiss her? Have sex with her? And then leave her again?
No. She shook her head. He wouldn't get away with things that easily. Who the hell does he think he is?
She pushed against Braden’s muscled chest, which got his attention. When he raised his chin, she slapped him so hard his head rolled to the side from the force of it.

From the beginning My Light introduces you to characters that you will fall in love with. Ella, a strong woman who is left brokenhearted when Braden finds it necessary to walk out of her life.
Close to a year passes by and for reasons of his own, Braden has to find a way back into Ella's life. 
Secret's will be revealed and if they can get passed that, maybe they could just get there second chance at love. For My Light being a short story it had me smiling, feeling hurt and gripping my tablet a little to hard with anticipation. It left me wanting to read more about Braden and Ella. I also have to mention that this story has characters in it that you will want to know more about especially Drew, Braden's co-worker and friend. I am so happy I got a chance to read this book, it left me feeling giddy. I am crossing my fingers that this love story continues.

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Hi! I'm Ani Bishop. I’m a married mother of two who lives in a small town. My life hasn't been easy, but it's been filled with family: three sisters, one brother, and a whole lot of cousins, aunts, uncles.
Reading has never been a chore for me, it's been a great passion. Writing, however, came afterward. Just a story in my head that needed to be told, and I wrote the first few words. Ever since I started, there was no stopping. Every day, every week, I've worked and written and had fun. Because writing is fun, if you love it.

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                                                               Title: My Light
Series: No More Secrets, #1
Author: Ani Bishop

Published: August 21, 2015

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