Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yes !!! I was A Beautiful Mess...

If I write how I am feeling after reading A Beautiful Mess series, my mind will be all over the place. Luckily, I took a couple of hours and cleaned house.
With a book like this I don't even know where to begin. After reading the Fifty Shades series, I thought that it would be impossible to capture a character that could knock your socks off more than Christian Grey. T.K. Leigh went beyond with Alexander Burnham and she completed him perfectly with Olivia Adler. This author seemed to write in a way that she directed a movie in your head and it was so hard to put the book down. I literally downloaded all the songs that she mentioned in the book so I could complete the scene in my head while I was reading.

A Beautiful Mess introduces us to two tormented characters with a past that goes back to their childhood. Alexander lived his life believing that the little girl he grew up with and loved died, but deep down he felt in his heart that she was alive and he looked for her in every woman that he encountered. One night he rescues a woman Olivia and his world is turned upside down. Olivia will frustrate the living daylights out of you because she is so torn after losing everyone that she loves and is terrified to fall in love. Even though you want to slap her senseless a couple of times, you can't help but fall in love with her. She is just as strong, sex crazed as Alexander and stands up to him in practically every aspect of life. A Beautiful Mess is about Olivia loving and fighting what is meant to be.

A Tragic Wreck takes you on a journey of Olivia fighting her true feeling believing that her only option is to run away like she has always done. It introduces you to Dr. Cameron Bowen from Heart of Light and the journey he had to take of loving and losing. Olivia seems to torture herself and Alex in this book and you will definitely feel the pain in every page.

Gorgeous Chaos brings everything to a end. Olivia's past is revealed and she again torments herself while all along Alex is just trying to protect and keep her alive. Your heart will be torn with some of the characters and how hard Alexander  has to fight to keep secrets form being exposed so that the women he loves more than life will not be killed. Olivia's relationships with everyone in her life are taken to a whole new level.

I have to stress that if you are uncomfortable with strong sexual contents, rape, and violence then this book is not for you. You will then be missing out on a amazing love story of two people that loved each other their whole life, a story of who to trust and will they survive. I loved every character right down to the cat.
 I would love this to be a movie, but whoever stars as Alexander Burnham has to beyond imaginable.

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