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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Panty Whisper review

The erotica genre is so new to me that even the title of this book made me blush. The Panty Whisper: Volume 1 short story by Sloane Howell. It is written in 5 volumes that probably could be read in less than an hour. I read the first volume and honestly, I think I have to take the last 4 volumes slow in fear of a possible heart attack or my face remaining in a silly ass grin position from feeling so flushed.
What can I say about Joel Hannover, arrogant and a woman pleaser.  It seems he lives his life for his next rush of wanting a woman to remember his every word or touch and the woman in this volume happens to be a married woman ( Cringe ). Sloane's writing of this character had me picturing this guy so cocky and sure of himself that I could see him walking around a convention of women and handing out business cards, shaking their hands and saying, " Yes...Yes I Can and I Will " with a sexy smirk and a wink.

Joel Hannover
Accounting Software Consultant
( Woman Pleaser)
Satisfaction Guaranteed

When I am reading a book I automatically  try and picture the characters. When I pictured Joel, I had to come up with one of the hottest geekiest actor I could think of ...Joseph Gordon- Levitt.
The Panty Whisper, starts off strong there is no holding back on the sexual references. So shyness is thrown out the window. It made for a fun short read and if your okay with books about sex, sex and more sex then you will have no problem reading this short story.

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