Monday, July 20, 2015

The Good Lawyer review

     Today, I decided to give myself a birthday gift and wake up early so I could finish the last 4 chapters of The Good Lawyer written by Thomas Benigno. I  usually read a book in about 1-3 days, this one took me close to 5 days. I don't know what is was but it started off good and I had a little trouble towards the middle ( confused with too many characters )  and I was happy with the ending.
It is not hard to realize that this book is written by a lawyer, I learned so much about the law and how court proceedings work. I could also feel the love and judgment on ones self that was written about a character working in the field or a case.
    Benigno , introduces a character Nick Mannino. I found myself reading the book in my worst New York accent, with male undertones.
It is not hard to not like Nick, a legal aid attorney with a heart that questions his defendants guilt. That heart will also lead him to question his judgement on reading a person.
Mannino, also has to deal with the fact that his family has a past and present life with mob ties. There are wonderful things happening in Mannino's life, his love interest, his trustful friends, and his loving family. It all gets side tracked by so many things happening, all his court cases which spiral off in many different directions. Can he stay true to who he is, keep the love of his life and still do what he believes to be right in the end?

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