Sunday, July 26, 2015

Laurelin Paige had me all kinds of Crazy with Found in You and Forever with You

     Before I begin, I have to remind you that these books are the continuation of Fixed in You, story of Alayna and Hudson.
Found in You is a roller coaster of a read, it begins with Hudson and Alayna's relationship starting to feel real and they are overcoming there past together. I felt that it had the premise of " keep your friends close and your enemies closer " .  The mind trick is knowing who your enemies are. I was questioning Hudson's feelings throughout the book. I feel for Alayna, with falling in love and fighting her obsession tendencies, how can she keep it together.  Hudson's family friend and ex Celia plays a big part in this book, with Hudson not wanting to talk about his past. Alayna feels Celia is the only person she can confide in and maybe get some of her questions answered.
     I have to remind you, that this book is practically fifty percent sexual. I .... like Hudson can compartmentalize when I read my romance/ erotic books. I read some sex scenes and roll my eyes and think to myself , Yeah...Right, like that can happen. Then there is the DAMNNN.... Really!!! sex scenes. Let's not forget the sex scenes that tie the relationship together the sex that you feel the love and passion the characters feel for each other. Let's just say, that with Found in You I was glad I was sitting next to the air conditioner.

Forever with You put everything and everyone out in the open and left you speechless. I felt that after everything Alayna has been through, she finds strength to overcome whatever is going to be thrown at her. Hudson's family plays a big part in this book and I adore Jack, Hudson's father and Mira, Hudson's sister. I don't even know where to begin when it comes to Hudson, again I could not stop questioning who he is and his feelings for Alayna. Celia, is a still a character to watch out for. In Forever with You, Alayna and Hudson's relationship will be tormented, hearts will be broken, trust will be lost and the past comes back to reveal itself.  I don't know how I made it through with out wringing anyone's neck. Sex is still written with a high capacity, so just enjoy the mind trip that Laurelin Paige takes you with the Fixed trilogy.

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