Thursday, July 16, 2015

Miss Match review

It is not my intention to finish a book in a day, Miss Match by Laurelin McGee Had me from the start. It was funny to find out that this book was a collaboration of two authors Laurelin Page and Katyi McGee by the writing I could not tell that there was two minds at work.

Miss Match, is a romantic comedy and sexy as HELL !!! How could it not be with a main character like Blake Donavon , a billionaire who does not have the time to find a wife. He is hilarious at times and a chauvinistic ass who makes it impossible to not fall in love with.
Blake has a criteria of the woman he is looking for to becoming his wife, so he decides to hire a matchmaker.
Those standards are thrown out the window when he meets job applicant  Andrea Dawson, Andy or Drea as Blake likes to call her to piss her off. Andrea is such a hard headed woman that can infuriate Blake which seemed to be a turn on for him.
Matchmaker was the last job Andrea wanted to take but had no choice since she had quit her previous job and was living off her sister Lacey. With bills needing to be paid and no food in the fridge Lacey had no choice than to set a interview for Andrea.
With Andrea's daily interactions with Blake, trying to change his robotic persona, and screening potential wives. It was hard not to root for a love match for Andrea and Blake.

“‘What the hell was that?” she demanded, as if she hadn’t given her all to that amazing lip-lock. Maybe she was a better actress than he’d supposed, though. Even the best thespian couldn’t fake the flush of her cheeks.
The kiss has really felt like something.
But that was impossible, because it was nothing. He’d gotten carried away, that was all. Nothing more. The adjustment he would need to make soon beneath his belt was a fluke. A reaction to the wine, perhaps. He was normally more of a scotch man.”

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