Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heart Of Marley review

I don't know what is about reading Heart Of Marley. I found myself walking away from the book so many times, before I finally sat down and read it through completion. I know it had a lot to do with me knowing how the author T.K. Leigh writes. I knew that I was going to feel every emotion in this book and it scared me.
This book has a heavy subject matter, child molestation, child abuse, drug abuse, child neglect, love , friendships, coming of age, and the hardest is the love between siblings.

Twins Cameron and Marley Bowen had such a dark past, after the death of their father when they were 8 years old, there lives were torn apart. Heart Of Marley takes you on a emotional journey through the eyes of Marley and Cam. Marley has to live with the scars physically and emotionally. It seems like everyday she is battling her demons just to survive. For awhile she finds love and that gives her the strength to carry on day to day.
Cameron, lived his life protecting Marley, making sure that he was always there for her. A young boy having to grow up to fast. You could feel his love for his sister in every page.

         That was the thing about having a twin,We felt each other. Even when I wasn't near Marley. I could still feel her...her heart,her soul, her livelihood. Everything she felt, I felt. Everything that upset her, upset me.

           "To the moon and back, Mar."
            "From the stars to the ocean, Cam."

T. K. Leigh's writing is so directorial that when your turning pages, it's hard not to play the movie in your head. I saw the actors playing there parts and playing them so well that I was a total mess by the end of the book. My glasses were fogged up from crying so much...YES the ugly cry.

I Loved not Loving Heart of Marley ( read the book and this will make sense ) and can't wait for T.K. Leigh's next books.

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