Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Coming Back review

     Coming Back written by Emma South was very hard to put down at times, it is described as suspense and there are a few of those moments in the book. To me, it was a emotional story about a woman who was kidnapped, tortured, and  escapes to find that life goes on.      
     Christabelle Jayne was kidnapped and tortured for close to 2 yrs. until she finds the strength to escape. Christabelle, finds it hard to be back home and questions whose lives were put on hold because of her and whose lives moved on. I really loved that this book did not leave out the emotions of family members. Christabelle's self-doubts, her judgement of herself was harder than what her town thought of her and believing that she wasn't worthy of ever being loved again was heartbreaking.
     Dean Hawking, the towns officer and who has carried a love for Christie Jayne since high school. Hawking has a past of his own and returns home to Warsfield. His life is turned around when he hears the news of Christabelle Jayne found alive. His determination, love and strength seemed to be just what Christie needed to find herself again and she takes the steps to get her life back. 

 Love will be lost and found, Secrets will be told, and Strength will be regained in Coming Back.

They didn't know how special she was. They were interested in her story over so many others because she was beautiful, a face that made a good backdrop for the news presenters. They  couldn't remember the girl behind the tragedy, but I couldn't forget.  -Dean

Maybe it would have been better if I had died in that forest, or in that house in the woods. Then my family could remember me the way I used to be. Not this. Just by being here, by "making it', I sent my past to the grave along with my future. 

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