Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Books Books and more Books

     I have found myself up to my neck in a new genre.. Romance/ Erotic.  The Erotic is a coin flip because when you start to read a book it's hard to predict if it's going to be down right raunchy. Well, I am not going to pass up a good book just because that might happen.
I have read many romantic books lately that have been subtle when it comes to the sexual encounters. Those are the ones that pull me in and I fall into a trance with the characters, so much so that I have to complete the series.
     What is it with romantic writers that they feel that they have to write a complete box set ?
It's so funny how many words a writer can come up with to describe love making or a body part. I love to find the humor in a good book and little things like that captivate me. This genre has me thinking if my dream of becoming a writer would have come true, I would have fallen into this field. If it wasn't for the fact that my mind rambles on, I would write like I talk and therefore there would be no end to a sentence, punctuation marks are beyond me, and getting sidetracked by a cute senior my freshmen year telling me that I looked like I belonged in cosmetology class ( that was a nice pick up line). I could have written a hit like E.L. James and created my own Christian Grey. 
     Right now, I am reading At Any Price (The Gaming System book) by Breena Aubrey.
The Premise of the story is a 22 yr old geek gaming blogger Mia Strong takes it upon herself to auction off her virginity. Mia is tired of holding on to the virgin card and wants to "lose it" on her terms and for financial reasons. Adam Drake, Multimillionaire CEO places the highest bid for personal reasons that you will find out if you read the story. I am already on the second book At Any Turn and it is very hard to put down. This is more of a romantic series, light on the sexual references. The storyline has me hooked, lined and sinkered ,  Mia is so headstrong that sometimes I just wish I could reach into the book and slap her. Adam DRAKE.... the name alone stands strong but you can feel his weakness when it comes to Mia.
     My love for Lord of the Rings and all things wizards, Superheroes and some computer games is what caught my attention with this series of books. Well, here is to another good read and I hope that you don't pass by the romance section on your next book choice.

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