Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adam's Apple ( Touch of Tantra book 1) review

     Just finished Adam's Apple by Liv Morris. I have to admit, I was drawn to the book because of it's beautiful cover it seemed dark and mysterious.
The premise of the story is like all others, billionaire bad boy with gorgeous looks that has never been turned down by a woman.
Adam Kinsley is no different, having the story told by his point of view had me on my feet. I loved his keen sense of humor. Adam has it all, friends that he began a business with , looks that could stop traffic, women at his beckon call, and money being the last thing he has to worry about. I can't leave out Adam being a complete ass when it comes to women.

      The eyes on the nameless faces of my commentators have one thing in common: fear. Fear that I will dislike them, fear that I will crush them, and fear they will never obtain the wealth and power I have. -Adam

Everything changes when Adam meets Kathryn Delcour, a socialite and  " to good for him ". Kathryn is warned by many to stay away from him, will his alluring ways keep her away or entice her?  Kathryn's beauty, stature and seductive presence is too tempting for Adam to stay away from and will stop at nothing to catch her attention. I was spellbound by Kathryn's character and couldn't help be taken in by her charm. 

Adam's Apple has it all, secrets from the past, seduction and the suspense of a former business partner plotting revenge, and a brief lesson in Tantra ( a ancient sexual practice ). The writing and characters kept me interested and I will want to continue to want to know more about the relationship of Adam and Kathryn in Temptation ( Touch of Tantra #1.5 ) and Adam's Fall ( Touch Of Tantra #2 ). 

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