Saturday, June 20, 2015

Never enough of Christian Grey....

After reading Fifty Shades Freed and it ending with Christian's side,  I could have predicted that it wasn't the last we would be reading of Mr. Grey.
It was very smart of  E. L. James to leave the readers wanting more and then filling our desires with GREY. We get to conclude the story told by Christian Grey.

I just finished GREY by E.L. James and I wasn't disappointed. I was happy that  I was able to find out what Christian was feeling on his journey with Anastasia Steele. Even though I knew the storyline, it was a different read and still enjoyable. It felt like I was reading a darker, intriguing, and gut wrenching sexier story. Ana wanting " more"  felt real and I could actually feel the laughter and inclination of love between Ana and Christian.

This book leads you into the world of Mr. Grey, business tycoon billionaire extraordinaire with a twisted mind for dominating sex. It goes on to show a softer side to Christian, a side that is tormented by his past but wants to accept and relish in all the emotions that he feels when he is with Anastasia. Don't get me wrong, this guy is totally fifty shades of f*cked up. With his jealousy, claim for ownership, stalker tendencies, and sexual innuendos I was able to understand Anastasia insecurities and hesitation into his world.

With Fifty Shades of Grey, I felt that I was reading a story with a few characters. GREY , went beyond and invited us to get to know the characters. There was never enough of Taylor in the first 3 books and I enjoyed Katherine Kavanagh's strong stance towards Christian in this book.

If your squeamish with foul language, sexual words that can lead your imagination into sex on a platter and the world of BDSM than this book is not for you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

For the love of books....

Starting this blog, I know what most of you will be thinking. This woman already watches to many television shows and movies, when does she have time to read books ? Well, that is why my sisters and I started our  Wacky Women, Wine & Books Club. I have to admit I may read more books than the books we choose for the month.
After the 50 shades series, I found myself wanting books that have a couple like Christian and Anna. It was like I did not want those characters to end, sorry to say that is a crazy way my mind functions. No... it is not all about the SEX in the books, it's a combination of the love, lust, struggle and most of all the writing of the characters that go beyond the couples that intrigue me the most. A friend of ours suggested some books to me and I was spell bound by one of the suppose to be trilogy that ended up being a 5 book series ( anxiously anticipating the 5 book). The author that has peeked my interest is Sylvia Day (The Crossfire Series), you have to get your head out of all the sexual parts in the books and there is a lot more than in the 50 shades series. Not to excuse that the sexual part is who the characters are Gideon and Eva take you on a tortured love journey. With struggling with there past, all the people that don't want them together and there fight for control and not be controlled it made for an exciting read that I did not want to put down. I am looking forward to " One With You " the continuation of Gideon and Eva.

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