Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why am I having a hard time teaching my youngest to drive?

 I have been wanting to write a blog about teaching my youngest to drive for awhile now. I finally have the courage,  I have to start out by letting you know that I did teach my oldest to drive before her 16th birthday. So, why is this time different?
I don't know if it's because I was 35 at the time or that my 16 yr. old was a determined little bug. I have to admit my youngest daughter is not a bad driver, the problem lies within me. I don't think it's the letting go part, because I want her to take the wheel and be independent. I am fearful of the other drivers and if I had super powers I would put barriers around all my girls vehicles and protect them from other reckless drivers.
I hate to blame everything on life after 40, I just know how different I am about a lot of things these days.  I use to have patience and I didn't feel so stressed out, so imagine me now teaching my 20 yr. old how to drive. As soon as she ask if she could drive, I suddenly freak out. I can just feel my heart beating rapidly, I position myself in a defensive way on the passengers seat and feel like I am on alert. I know she feels it and she tells me that I would be the reason if she had a accident. So what should I do? At times I just want to lie down in the back seat and tell her just to get us from point A to point B, have a large glass of wine before we leave or take a anxiety ( Happy ) pill so I would not add pressure to her when she is driving. I need to be supportive and a teacher to my daughter so why can't I just give her the keys and total control of the truck. I need to make her feel independent, strong and ready to take on life's challenges

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